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    Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    Not sure if you have seen those. Enjoy. Smiley


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor 997 Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S, BMW M3 Cab DKG, Mini Cooper S JCW

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    I haven't seen them, cheers !
    2008 Cayenne Turbo - 2007 BMW X5 4.8is (sold) - 2007 Landcruiser Prado - 1997 Wrangler TJ - 1957 LR

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    Thanks Christian

     But seems ready to go..,they will make it with this model or with the introduction of the all new one?

    997 TT, what a car/che'mmmmmaghena!!!

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    i guess it will be launched. wha else would they go through the trouble of adapting the syystem to the current car's measurements.

    otoh i don't think porsche is expecting to sell a lot of these. it will simply help them to reduce their official CO2 figures

    Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... That's what gets you.

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    Very nice haven`t seen those yet. But i hate hybrids.. such a waste of resources vs. environmental costs Smiley

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    1986 Porsche 944, 5spd

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    Hybrids are actually there to shut up the public/media and to make manufacturers look "greener". The media did a great job to make people believe that. Not much different with electric cars where it is very important where the power is actually coming from.

    If it comes from coal/oil power plants, it isn't really environmental friendly. Who cares? The public hears the word "electric" and there you go...environmental friendly. Smiley 

    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor 997 Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S, BMW M3 Cab DKG, Mini Cooper S JCW

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    I drove the Touareg Hybrid for a few miles and I was pretty impressed.

    I you go very easy on the accelerator, you can go up to 50km/h on "full" electric mode, then the regular engine is kicking in and you cannot notice it, you just hear a bit of noise.

    If you floor the gas pedal, then the beast is turning into a "monster", plenty of torque and HP.

    The 3.0l V6 Petrol TSI is delivering over 300hp whilst the electrical engine is delivering an additional 80kw ... and its coupled with an 8 speed automatic gearbox. The Touareg felt much faster than my Cayenne S (Gen I) ...

    Then, when you lift your foot of the gas pedal, the car is in "coasting" mode, ie recuperating energy and rechargin the batteries ...

    Additional weight is around 170kg and to be honest I didn't drive the car long enough to feel if the car felt heavier than usual or not. Also I'm use to drive a Cayenne and not a Touareg ....

    VW is shooting for a (normalized) fuel consumption of 8.5l/100km and therefore just below 200g Co2/Km ... 

    It will be available in 2010 and the Cayenne will have the exact same powertrain as the Touareg.

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    They look ready to go. 

    I'm impressed that they dont need extra trunk space for that batteries. Like this it is great - almost same space. 

    Further on - I agree to Christian. Until now the power comes from coal/oil plants mostly. Might be also some Atomary power - what isnt better at all. But - regeneratred engergy like Solar, Wind, etc. will come more and more. And for the developement of this it is more important to have this kind of cars which is triggering and enforcing the production of this.

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    Anyone care to speculate on acceleration vs a Cayenne S?

    Re: Cayenne S Hybrid Photos

    I don't know but up to 120km/h you can have both engines .... this is why when you floor the pedal with a 8 speed gearbox it is pushing very hard.

    I guess, acceleration should be one notch below the Cayenne S. You don't want to kill your high margin product.



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