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    Beautiful Exclusive job

    Essen Motor Show 2002

    I love the front lip

    Wow looks great!!!!(nt)


    Re: Wow looks great!!!!(nt)

    What is that exhaust?
    I've seen it a few times now

    ps...Hi everybody!

    Re: Wow looks great!!!!(nt)

    hi alan
    welcome to the board
    it's just a tail pipe for optical pursposes (personally i do not like it's looks) by porsche tequipment. can also be retrofitted.

    cheers; zz

    Re: Beautiful Exclusive job

    Am I the only one who hates those painted rims?...


    NO, you're not!!!


    Re: NO, you're not!!!

    But I could have lost a star because of that!...

    Re: absolutely not!

    Re: Wow looks great!!!!(nt)

    Thanks ZZ, and I have to say I'm relieved as my 996TT (speed yellow X50) arrives in early January and I thought this had become the standard exhaust, I don't like it either

    I am also not a fan of painted wheels!


    Re: Wow looks great!!!!(nt)

    These exhaust pipes look horrible. It is the worst design flaw Porsche Exclusive Department ever did over the past few years...don't know what was on their mind.
    On the picture, it looks somehow OK but in reality, it looks like a cheap aftermarket bolt-on rear pipe. I hope Porsche never does that again and I really can't understand people who order this crap. Ouch.

    Photoshop request....

    I actually like the painted wheels...when painted the proper color. Could someone please alter this photo to show a black turbo with black painted wheels?


    2002 996tt X50
    2000 C4 Coupe
    2002 MB C32
    2002 Range Rover 4.6


    I think I got a picture that is just what you need black on black wheels but I need to look for it. But if you are interested in this option the option code is "XD9".
    But again if you already own the car check with "By Design" in LA they are famous for doing stuff like this.

    Thanks...I'd like to see the pict.!!!


    Re: Thanks...I'd like to see the pict.!!!

    Sorry I thought it was a picture of a black one but it is Cobalt Blue. I'll find a black one and post it soon.

    Re: Thanks...I'd like to see the pict.!!!

    Here you go

    Re: Thanks...I'd like to see the pict.!!!

    And another one

    Thanks Crash, NT

    Re: Thanks Crash, NT

    No problem

    Thats it...perfect!!!

    I think the painted wheels look great!!

    Re: Thats it...perfect!!!

    For me it depends on the color of the rim/exterior paint color.

    I have seen slate gray, blue and black (shown above) and it is starting to grow on me. But, the yellow rim color is a little over powering! I think black rims and the yellow exterior paint color looks nicer.



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