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    Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    took my 2.7 Box for an inspection re whining engine sound (as discussed b4)

    apparently there has been no such case in Oz yet

    can any one confirm this???

    or is this another BS from the dealership.
    they assured me the engine was "fine" but.....

    I m in Melb btw

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    mine whines at around 3k rpm in 1st and 2nd, dealer said it's oil pump, ordered and waiting for it to arrive for an exchange.

    how does your car whines?

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    which dealership did u go to???

    as far as i know, there's only one type of whine. like yours. only when engine is cold, 2100 rpm. disappears after warmed up.

    bloodly dealers, always making up BS~!!

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    sorry for the late reply derder, it's a porsche dealer here in Tokyo.
    the whinning noise does not stop even when the engine gets warm, maybe that's a bit different than yours?

    dealer hadn't call me for the job yet so I'm going to keep following up on them. hopefully I can get it fixed before it gets warm for me to drop the top, otherwise it is quite embrassing pulling off in 1st and it goes "sqrrrrrrrrrrich" around 3k. Oh btw, it IS audible from the outside as well.

    hope things go well on your warmer side of the planet.

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners


    That type of noise sounds more like a loose serpentine belt or some type of bearing (alternator, water pump or whatever) compared to the very specific rattling/buzzing noise at 2000-2200rpm of the oil pressure relief valve piston. I hope you have your dealer fix it soon.


    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    I notice in the morning while driving a high pitched rattle type sound coming from the engine. At first it almost sounded like a belt slipping, but now I think it has more of a very fast rattle sound. It only occurs when the engine is not at normal operating temp, but usually around 125-150 degrees. It comes and goes, and once the motor is warm, it completely stops. Any ideas? The car is a 2005 2.7 with 5 speed.

    Replace oil pump plunger per Porsche Tech Line.
    Noise at oil pump regulating valve.
    The following parts were replaced:

    996-107-127-53 Oil Piston Spring
    996-107-125-51 Oil Pump Piston
    996-107-123-50 Pump Piston Ring

    One of the parts had to be sent to a machine shop for modification prior to installation.
    This repair fixed my car.

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    Yeah, that's the 2000-2200 rpm oil pressure relief valve piston problem that's been discussed in other threads...long 720's sounds like a different issue to me.


    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    I agree.

    My "whine" only comes on at EXACTLY 3k RPM but keep in mind that both type987s and derder's are 5spd while mine is a 6spd, could this have caused the difference in the RPM difference when the whine comes on I am not sure. But will definitely get to the bottom of it.

    I have actually decided to let it run a bit more then go in for the fix since I only got ~3770 on my odo. The main difference here I noticed is that the noise on my car won't necessarily dies out once the engine gets warmed up, and that's a bit concerning.

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    Hi Long,

    The type of transmission is not important IF your problem were the oil pressure relief valve piston, as it is caused by a harmonic resonance occurring at 2000-2200rpm when the engine is less than its normal operating temperature. It will occur in all gears, even out of gear at those rpm and temperatures. The oil pressure relief valve problem, while annoying, probably doesn't represent a risk to the car's longevity, so those of us that have it can take our time having it repaired.

    Since your sound is clearly different in terms of when it occurs, how long it persists and how you can make it worse (accelerating for example) I really think you should have it fixed soon. The last time I had a car that made sounds that met your criteria it was a failing water pump bearing. Being stranded somewhere with a failed alternator, water pump (or worse, a camshaft bearing) or ruptured sepentine belt would just kind of screw up your day. But diagnosed and corrected early, these types of problems don't cause any long term problems for your car.

    Just trying to help.


    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    oh no no no, I very much appreciate your input. No question about it I am getting it fixed soon.


    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    If I have this problem what do I tell my dealer -- whining sound from engine when cold? Is there some kind of reference # I can just give the service dept. ?

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    For reference:

    Mine just went in to check on a recently acquired slight whining noise that occurred when the engine was cold and the throttle was released, e.g. when approaching a traffic light at 2-4k revs. The service crew took a look and determined it's a known issue with a pressure valve which has to be replaced.

    Besides the slight noise, the car drove just fine but I figured I'd have the OPC run some tests to be on the safe side. The noise seemed to originate from the middle of the car and reminded me of a distant fog horn.. or the sound of one of those age old children toy cans which "mmmaaaaaaahh..." when you turn them over.

    Good luck with your car! I'm sure it'll get fixed.

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    Ente: I have the same 'mooing' noise at about 2krpm. It's nice to know what it is, but it's not bothering me enough to want to get it fixed at the moment. My main noise is a rattly rear when cold. Sounds like rear luggage compartment trim rattling, but louder and heavier - I'm sure it's not that, but that's what it sounds like. When I have time...

    Along the whine topic thread though, I have what sounds like gearbox whine at around 70mph in sixth. Only minor... in my 10k+ miles, various noises have come and gone, so maybe just leave these things, drive more, and they'll just go away.

    Re: Engine Whinning update: Australian Owners

    wtsnet said:
    Ente: I have the same 'mooing' noise at about 2krpm.

    Turn your car on its head much?

    Seriously though, I brought it in since I wasn't sure what caused the noise and in case it was a complex issue which takes a long time to fix I wanted to get a good lead time on it.. well within the warranty.



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