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    Quote for Wiedeking and and head designer Lagaay

    In a Dutch car magazine is an very interesting artikel about the Porsche Cayenne.
    The story is from a very well respected carjounalist Tom Roks

    Some quotes from the Dutch head designer Lagaay

    ''You will see the Porsche Cayenne looks at best when you see him driving on the road''
    ''The Porsche Cayenne design is conservative ,but that is OK,a Porsche does not need to be trendy,a Porsche must have some kind of timeless disign''
    ''most important is the Cayenne is an impressif look on the road,and we are sure we succeeded in doing so,wait and you will see''
    ''We will introduce a Aerodynamic packet for Cayenne's who are only driving onroad''
    ''You will be surprised what we are going to do with the Cayenne in the future''

    Quotes from Wiedeking at press meeting

    Will there be a Cayenne diesel in the future?
    Answer Wiedeking
    Its also doubtful if there will be a V6 (short translation)

    I tryed to translate the quotes as pure as possible.

    Happy cruising

    Merchedes A class
    Porsche 996 GT3
    Cayenne S!!!!!!!

    Re: Quote for Wiedeking and and head designer Lagaay

    Well, what do you expect them to tell the press?

    No Cayenne Diesel in the future? C'mon, it is an open secret that Porsche is opting for the new upcoming Audi Turbo Diesel engine because Weissach doesn't seem satisfied with the VW V10 Diesel.
    If Porsche doesn't offer a Diesel for the european market, the Cayenne won't sell well over here.
    Regarding the V6: as far as I know, 250-260 HP are in the word.

    Building a SUV, Porsche already sold their soul. Now EVERYTHING is possible...good or bad.

    Re: Quote for Wiedeking and and head designer Lagaay

    An other quote from Wiedeking

    ''No diesel for the Cayenne,A lot for manufacturers make the mistake offering to many differed engine options,that's not what we are going to do.The US is our biggest market and a diesel makes no change in the US. So for us its not profitable at the moment. By the way a diesel makes no fun-driving like we are used to with our Porsche's.With us the fun starts at 4000 rpm,the party is way over at 4000rpm diesel eniges. Smaller and less power engine are no options for the Cayenne.''

    What about this quote its looks they do NOT want to loose their heard and soul on the SUV market

    Re: Quote for Wiedeking and and head designer Lagaay

    "the fun starts at 4000 rpm"? boy, i have the slight feeling that the porsche guys really are turning schizoid now. the traditional porsche values went overboard already -- light cars, slick and/or aggressive design, high revs etc. -- and i personally do not want to drive a SUV which is changing gears a lot and i have to keep him above 4000 rpm to have some fun. i demand TORQUE. and what is more torquey than the VW V10 TDI with its 750 Nm?
    the latest info i've got is that audi will supply their V8 TDI diesel engine to the cayenne and -- in return -- porsche will allow audi to build their very own SUV based on the touareg/cayenne plattform. voilá.
    cheers; zzboba


    ...Porsche would be "dead meat" on the european SUV market if they don't sell a Cayenne Diesel in the future.

    I already can read the headlines with the explenation from Dr. Wiedeking: "unfortunately US sales didn't go that well as expected due to the worldwide economic crisis / terror threat and therefore we decided to increase Cayenne sales with a Diesel version, answering customer demands especially in Europe."

    Harry, don't believe everything you're reading.
    The Cayenne is such a new model...everything can happen in the future. Even a Pickup Diesel isn't excluded.
    I'm sure that Porsche will run a pretty clever strategy in the future: offering different Cayenne versions and at the same time a more sporty 911 with a very good chance of a Grand Tourer too. By building a more sporty 911, they will shut up critics and get their back free for more future projects, including the rumored high power limousine which has been denied for quite a long time now.

    Re: Harry...

    The first day Porsche sells a car with a diesel engine I sell my Porsche and buy a Ferrari.

    Can you imagen
    You drive a Porsche and on the back on the car is a sign


    Re: Harry...

    In reply to:
    The first day Porsche sells a car with a diesel engine I sell my Porsche and buy a Ferrari.

    Can you imagen
    You drive a Porsche and on the back on the car is a sign

    It would probably be named Cayenne D8 or D10.

    What's your problem with a Diesel? The Cayenne is no sportscar and a Diesel engine fits a SUV perfectly.
    Imagine a V10 or V8 Diesel engine with 400 HP on the Cayenne. 800 Nm torque.

    To be serious Harry: the ONLY reason why I would buy a Cayenne is...the 450 HP on the Cayenne Turbo. If Mercedes would build a 500 HP ML55 right now, I'd go for the Mercedes.

    The Cayenne is no sports car to me and it is no Porsche model I can emotionally attach to. The 450 HP engine would compensate me for my "suffering" but nothing beats a Porsche sportscar like the 911.



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