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    New in boxster Community

    Hello ! I am to sign for a boxster, delivery hopefully in May
    Still hesitating about choice of coulours, would go for a balck/terracota or sand, suspect it might not be so easy to sell terracota ?

    As for the options, I have read that some are not fully satisfied with Bose. Still better than stock system I g uess ? Also, the PCM, are u happy with it ? I have the feeling that screen is not to the best (compared to my slk), what about performance and reliability ? Thanks ! and in 3 months time pictures

    Re: New in boxster Community

    Hi Patrice, welcome aboard
    Being a "waiter" myself I have no own experiences regarding reliability, but you'll find valuable information if searching Rennteam threads and I'm sure the "old fellows" will chime in to give you some good advise

    I guess your performance question refers to the Nav-system only, right ? Otherwise (driving performance) an extensive testdrive certainly will tell you more than thousand words could do even if written by a Rennteamer full of Porsche poetry

    Color is a very personal thing of course, but I would prefer the sand above terracotta (you have to see it in person of course, but I couldn't warm up with the carpet's colour - deviating black carpet would come to my mind with a black car + terracotta)

    I am sure some fellows with PCM experiences will help you with this one (again I'm not a big help, as I have passed this option not needed for my car being a pure weekend funcar for me).

    Enjoy the "Vorfreude" - I love the Luxemburg area with all those nice and twisty roads (Eifel, Ardennes etc.) perfectly made for the Boxster

    Re: New in boxster Community

    Would second the comments about colour. Make the choice for you, rather than for re-sale, but make sure you see the colours in the flesh before you commit.

    Regarding displays, I don't have PCM, but find that the display on the CD-24 is impossible to read in sunlight when you have the roof down. At least with the PCM for navigation you get the main turn information in the instruments behind the steering wheel, plus it talks to you through the audio speakers.

    And BOSE is better than stock. Though I don't listen to it all the time, I'm glad I specced it.

    Re: New in boxster Community

    Ok thanks ! Of course, I was referring to performance of the PCM

    You are right, roads are perfect to enhance your driving skills

    Re: New in boxster Community

    Welcome patrice03!

    So far my PCM has been reliable (1yr). I quite like the screen though I'm not thrilled with the fiddly controls at all. I'm glad about the Bose. It's not great but sufficient, and classes better than he standard and upgraded sound options I tried before decising on the Bose.

    I'd say if you listen to music while driving, it's a must have.

    Re: New in boxster Community

    I find PCM very good, once you get used to the many buttons. Navigation is extremely accurate, unlike the system in my previous car (BMW). Traffic Message Channel which is now standard is also very useful, alerting any traffic hold ups with the option of automatically routing round the problem. The navigation automatically zooms in on approach to road junctions showing clearly the route to follow. The display also shows more information when playing music, and don't forget that unlike the standard radio you can play MP3 with it on cars built after 05/2005. Radio and CD display much clearer also than the standard radio. All in all, I've not regretted my decision to specify it.

    Re: New in boxster Community

    This zoom feature seems quite practical, first time I see this on a navigation system. I believe I ll go for bose/pcm, first because I like nice diplays , but also because was told that this is the best combination for audio (better than stock radio + bose). Also, only system that plays MP3 (but no DVD MP3 I suspect, or perhaps cd player is also dvdplayer in dashboard..



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