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    F1 & 1F numberplates just sold @ UK auction===

    F1 and 1 F - The Auction
    Two of the most highly sought and long-awaited number plates, F 1 and 1 F finally came onto the open market on Friday, 24th June 2005. They were being auctioned on behalf of Essex County Council by Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, near Chichester, West Sussex.
    Just before the plates were due to be auctioned the marquee holding the event filled, creating a real buzz of excitement throughout the expectant onlookers. First up was 1 F, generally regarded as the lesser of the two, but none the less a highly desirable registration. The bidding opened at a modest Pounds10k and initially went up Pounds1000 at a time, then the phone bids started to come in and the bids went up Pounds5k and then Pounds10k a time. Heads were turning to see who the bidders were in the room and the speculative chatter became louder and louder. The hammer finally went down at Pounds130,000 to an anonymous telephone bidder, followed by a round of applause.

    Then came F 1, the one most people felt would be bought by Bernie Eccleston, the head of Formula 1. The bidding opened at Pounds30k and rose quite sharply Pounds10k at a time. Again heads were turning frantically scouring the room to see just who was discreetly raising their bidding card. It wasn't until the in-house bids exceeded Pounds100k that the telephone bids came into the equation. There were quite a few "ooh's" and "aah's" as each bid was announced by the auctioneer. It didn't take long before the final three nods came from those taking the phone bids - Pounds150k, Pounds160k and finally Pounds170k. The hammer fell, this time to an even louder round of applause. Quite why I'm not sure, as the winning bid, yet again, went to an anonymous telephone bidder. It was all over in minutes and the sellers, Essex County Council, became Pounds300,000 better off - less commission of course.

    Re: F1 & 1F numberplates just sold @ UK auction===


    When i was living in the US my friends out there couldn't get their heads around what we paid for our 'vanity plates' - they just pay a few dollars a year and can have virtually any combination they want.

    I paid a few hundred for my g/f's plate that would only really make sense to herself.. L7JVC.

    The biggest joke is we don't own the plates, just the rights to display them, and if we don't space them according to the law we get fined or they can be taken away from us.

    For example, K1NGS can't be displayed as the word, it has to be displayed as 'K1 NGS'.

    But it's big business in the UK, with some real stretches of the imagination to see what the plates are meant to be saying.....

    Re: F1 & 1F numberplates just sold @ UK auction===

    Some people definately have too much time and money on their hands.



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