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    New model problems

    Normally, I avoid the first year of a new model preferring to let others complete the R&D process that requires large numbers and the production assembly process. I'd be interested to know whether forum members consider that there is enough existing technology in the Cayman to negate this concern.

    Re: New model problems

    Good question. I was thinking of ordering one now, but the new model problems put me off. Don't forget the engine is new, as is the large hatch that could easily create annoying rattles in the early cars. I am now thinking about waiting for second year production before jumping into it.

    Re: New model problems

    Considering how much the Boxster and Cayman share, and considering that the engine is hardly different from what Porsche is used to producing, I don't think there is much cause for concern.

    If you are worried about little things like the hatch, then ask 911 Targa owners how their cars were first year. That should give you a decent indication.

    If I didn't have a suitable sports car to tide me over, I wouldn't wait at all. However, if I did, then it's a matter of how urgently you want the car. Discounts can probably be had in a year.

    I don't think you could make the argument that the Cayman isn't a Boxster derivative. Right now I have two first year models that are derivatives, and both are fine. Usually I don't like first year models either, but sometimes there is no point to waiting.

    - J

    Re: New model problems

    I wouldn't worry at all.
    This is not like putting a new piece of software on the market and then letting your customers give you feedback on the bugs.
    I would have been more worried about the Boxster 987 since it is an 80% totally new car - and not just a refinement of the 986.
    The Cayman should actually be the "2nd generation Boxster", since they are building on the Boxster platform and probably have corrected a few minor problems with the Boxster.
    I have had many hatchbacks and none of them had any rattling at all.
    I'm sure Porsche -whose engineers by many are considered the best in the World - can manage to produce a working hatch.

    Re: New model problems

    Thanks Dr Phil. But with RMS so widespread and unfixed after 9 years of production I am a bit sceptical about Porsche's reliability especially with new model. But don't put this on the record, as I may still decide to order this car soon.

    Re: New model problems

    I agree with Dr. Phil's observations. As far as RMS, if this is a major concern, it would be best to stay away from any 9x6 or 9x7 Porsches because it isn't fixed and there does not appear to be a plan to do so from Porsche. My misgivings about an early purchase are probably not justified, but I'll share them with you, FWIW. If the Cayman sells poorly due to its expense and proximity to the base 997, Porsche may find it necessary to respond with either more standard equipment, more horsepower, or financial incentives. While there is certainly an enthusiastic niche (ourselves), I'm not sure that will sustain the model at 60-70K USD. Independent of my eccentric interest in paint to sample, it will not be hard to come up with a low $70s Cayman. I have no doubt the car will be excellent, but if the US economy softens and interest rates rise (certainly not impossible), sales of sports cars and boats are usually among the first casulties, at least in this corner of the globe.

    Re: New model problems


    I agree with what you said. I think Porsche does offer incentives to their dealers to move certain vehicles, but has their ever been a financial incentive direct to customers? Other than the $500 PCA members used to be able to receive? Sorry if this is a little off topic.


    Re: New model problems

    Incentive to discount, not surprisingly, varies from dealer to dealer and the condition of the local market. When my 986 lease was up in 03 my dealer (Braman Palm Beach, just a little plug, always got good service) was giving very good deals on the facelift 986 and even on the 996s in stock. They always have a good supply of slighty used Porsches as well. Nothing really appealed to me at the time so I passed. The dealer's willingness to pass on incentives depends, I think, a lot on the local market conditions, their current stock of cars, and what's available to them in the "pipeline" (which often depends on their history of sales volume). If I remember correctly there was a time when factory incentives were made available on the 986 (a first for Porsche) that resulted in some concern eventually expressed by Porsche management. Porsche has a unique problem as a sports car manufacturer that trades, to an extent, on exclusivity. Large production and sales is good for profit, but in turn that may result in oversupply and "commonality" that can soften sales/prices.

    Re: New model problems

    Putting aside whether or not Porsche should have already solved the RMS problem.....the reality is that it is in fact a very minor oil leak.
    I suspect the reason Porsche has not fixed it is simply $'s. It's cheaper to pay for warranty repairs than redesign the engine, it would require a new crankcase and crankshaft design; it's just not a new "seal" design.



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