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    Running In

    To you lucky new owners of a 997S (I don't get mine until October): What does the handbook say about the 'running in' period/procedures (or 'breaking in' if you prefer it that way!!). Also does it mention preferred fuel type? (ie 95/97ron).


    Re: Running In

    I'm afraid you have to wait until you get the manual because the german manual has very likely different statements about running in and fuel quality.
    Over here there is no real breaking in necessary, you just have to "avoid" certain rev figures (I don't remember, I think not more than 4500 rpm) or full acceleration for a prolonged period of time.

    Re: Running In

    Any break-in recommendations from P for PCCB?

    Re: Running In

    The 997/997S owners manual is at

    Break in hints for the first 2,000 miles/3,000 kilometers

    The following tips will be helpful in obtaining optimum performance from your new Porsche. Despite the most modern, high-precision manufacturing methods, it cannot be completely avoided that the moving parts have to wear in with each other. This wearing-in occurs mainly in the first 2,000 miles/3,000 km.


    Preferably take longer trips.
    Avoid frequent cold starts with short-distance driving whenever possible.
    Avoid full throttle starts and abrupt stops.
    Do not exceed maximum engine speed of 4,200 rpm (revolutions per minute).
    Do not run a cold engine at high rpm either in Neutral or in gear.
    Do not let the engine labor, especially when driving uphill. Shift to the next lower gear in time (use the most favorable rpm range).
    Never lug the engine in high gear at low speeds. This rule applies at all times, not just during the break-in period.
    Do not participate in motor racing events, sports driving schools, etc. during the first 2,000 miles/3,000 kilometers.
    There may be a slight stiffness in the steering, gear-shifting or other controls during the break-in period which will gradually disappear.

    Break in brake pads and brake discs

    New brake pads and discs have to be "broken in", and therefore only attain optimal friction when the car has covered several hundred miles or km. The slightly reduced braking ability must be compensated for by pressing the brake pedal harder. This also applies whenever the brake pads and brake discs are replaced.

    New tires

    New tires do not have maximum traction. They tend to be slippery.
    Break in new tires by driving at moderate speeds during the first 60 to 120 miles/100 to 200 km. Longer braking distances must be anticipated.

    Engine oil consumption

    During the break-in period oil consumption may be
    higher than normal. As always, the rate of oil consumption depends on the quality and viscosity of oil, the speed at which the engine is operated, the climate and road conditions, as well as the amount of dilution and oxidation
    of the lubricant.

    Make a habit of checking engine oil with every fuel filling, add if necessary.

    Fuel Quality

    Fuel Quality

    Your engine is designed to provide optimum performance and fuel economy using unleaded premium fuel with an octane rating of 98 RON (93 CLC or AKI). Porsche therefore recommends the use of these fuels in your vehicle. Porsche also recognizes that these fuels may not always be available. Be assured that your vehicle will operate properly on unleaded premium fuels with octane numbers of at least 95 RON (90 CLC or AKI), since the engine's "Electronic Oktane(TM) knock control" will adapt the ignition timing, if necessary.

    Fuels containing alcohol and ether

    Some areas of the U.S. require oxygenated fuels during certain portions of the year. Oxygenated fuels are fuels which contain alcohols (such as methanol or ethanol) or ether (such as MTBE). Under normal conditions, the amount of these compounds in the fuel will not affect driveability. You may use oxygenated fuels in your Porsche, provided the octane requirements for your vehicle are met. We recommend, however, to change to a different fuel or station if any of the following problems occur with your vehicle:
    - Deterioration of driveability and performance.
    - Substantially reduced fuel economy.
    - Vapor lock and non-start problems, especially at high altitude or at high temperature.
    - Engine malfunction or stalling.

    Fuels containing MMT

    Some North American fuels contain an octane enhancing additive called methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT). If such fuels are used, your emission control system performance may be negatively affected.
    The check engine warning lights on your instrument panel may turn on. If this occurs, Porsche recommends you stop using fuels containing MMT.

    Re: Running In

    WOW, I wonder if those strict break-in rules for US bound cars have a reason?!

    Regarding the PCCB: there were new instructions for the "old" PCCB brake but I'm not aware of something special regarding the new improved PCCB brake.
    I'll look it up tomorrow in my car's manual, I'm curious too.

    Re: Running In

    Thanks for your replies (very thorough Seattle!)

    Re: Running In

    RC said:
    you just have to "avoid" certain rev figures (I don't remember, I think not more than 4500 rpm) or full acceleration for a prolonged period of time.

    I can't imagine you stuck to that rev limit



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