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    More pictures of cjv's Turbo monster

    Enjoy and many thanks to Chad.

    Caution: the next few pictures might take a while until they show up if you don't have broadband access.

    S-Car-Go intake w/ added injectors

    Full Set of Pictures


    cjv turbo charger (left) / K-24 (right)

    350 mm slotted rears/GT3R calipers

    80 mm T.B./Enlarged Intake/additional air box intake (lower left side)

    GT2 rear deck with additional air box inlet on upper left side

    70 mm Europipe Exhaust

    380 mm front w/ GT3R calipers

    Wow, what a car (nt)

    Re: Full Set of Pictures

    great car!
    congrats, cjv!!

    BTW: when may i test it?

    just kidding

    Re: More pictures of cjv's Turbo monster

    Thanks for the pics, how much power are we talking about?


    Re: More pictures of cjv's Turbo monster

    A lot of work has gone into this beast...
    Great effort!

    Now you just have to put on 4 slicks and go to Le Mans, and probably win the N-GT class!

    Maybe Chad could answer this question...

    ...but I guess we're talking about at least around 700 HP.

    Re: Maybe Chad could answer this question...

    R.C., the most recent dyno pull was without the new turbo's. It was 641 hp @ 1.1 bar using 91 octane. The problem with the old turbo's (K-24's) and the new intake and intercoolers was, we ran out of boost. Prior to the intake/intercooler changes we had attained 1.2+ bar. With the changes 1.1 bar. The car also has the Unichip which has dual maps (A/B switch), one for 91 and one for 100 octane. The run tomorrow will utilize the 100 octane mode. We are expecting to dyno at 11:00 AM tomorrow (Friday). Hopefully the new turbo's will re gain the lost boost. We are expecting 700 hp (hopefully). We have driven the car today (w/ the new turbo's) and S Car Go Racing is saying we now need to change first and second gears so as to attain another 5 mph in each gear. They say first and second are over in a fraction of a second. There is not even enough time to think about shifting.

    Since the car has been at S Car Go Racing we have also added the complete GT3R suspension parts to the existing JRZ triple adjustable racing coils/dampers. The suspension has been set @ 2 degrees negative and 1//16" toe in at all four wheels. We have also added Fikse FM/10's 9.5J x 18 front and 11.5J x 18 rear. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 265/35 and 295/30 x 18 tires were added to the wheels.

    As soon as I have the dyno reports, I will post them.

    Can't wait to see the results...

    ...real 641 HP (and maybe around 700 today?) sound really impressive. Anything up to 600 HP is pretty "easy" (but still expensive) to achieve and every gained HP over 600 HP is a tough job. Did you remove the 4WD, I don't remember anymore?

    Re: Can't wait to see the results...

    Stll have the AWD. The drive shaft has been changed to an ultra light 300 type steel. The front differencial is stock, for now.


    Have any of the Porsche magazines contacted you to write an article on your car?

    If not drop me an email:

    Re: Can't wait to see the results...

    Sorry, but Murphy visited my car today. The dyno pull is now scheduled for next Tuesday.

    Re: Can't wait to see the results...

    Sorry, but Murphy has not departed yet. The problem is a boost leak. The 80 mm throttle body is a prototype which utilized a plastic adapter. The bond between the plastic and metal has given us problems. We are currently having the plastic prototype piece machined using aluminum. Hopefully we will have the piece tomorrow. As soon as we have a dyno pull, I will post the results.

    Re: Can't wait to see the results...

    I was told yesterday, the machine shop will finish the piece this coming Monday. The dyno pull should occur Tuesday.

    cjv, you know what's after dyno right?

    Post every little observation and results here for us



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