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    Sport Seats

    A Porsche Customer Advisor told me that he would recommend the (non adaptable) sport seats for people of most sizes. Has anyone experience with *both* seats?

    Re: Sport Seats

    i have tried both but opted for "only" sport seats due to cost.

    Sport seats look great and the co passenger feels very confortable, but me personally as a driver find them less confortable than they seem.Maybe its just me but im only 72kg's and 1,70 mt tall.Not big,but maybe i have not still find the correct position. In any case i think they are really superb but they lack the addittional setting that the adaptive offer.

    Tried all of them

    Took various cars on the road for real driving and found both the sports seats options uncomfortable. Both felt like they were pushing my shoulder-blades and neck forward.

    The adaptives just didn't seem to go narrow enough to be worth it.

    In the end I went for the electric standard seats as I wanted lumbar support. Neither manual seat has lumbar btw.

    Re: Tried all of them

    Exactly my findings, Le Chef. I thought I was mad thinking the adaptives didn't grip well enough. I've gone for the electrics too, for the lumbar support, and because of the hunched shoulders thing with the sports seats.

    Re: Tried all of them

    Hey guys,

    I sat in all three seats and decided to go with the regular sport seats. The reason I chose them was that I have back problems and noticed that they made me sit more straight, if that makes sense. I am 5'9 and weigh about 140 pounds, so i am a small frame and found that there was not a big difference between the regular sport seats and the adaptive ones. On the regular seats I noticed that my shoulder was able to move side to side which I also experienced on my AMG, and wasnt pleasant especially on cornering. I should be getting my 997S anyday now so lets hope after sitting for awhile i wont feel like my shoulder blade is pushed forward. Out of curiousity isnt that the point of a sport seat to change your driving position?


    Re: Tried all of them

    I think the sport seats in my 996 were awful...pushed my shoulder blades and neck forward..the elec seats with lumbar in the 9977 are so comfortable. That is the first thing people say who get in it comparing it to my 996..."These seats are so much better"!!!

    Re: Tried all of them

    I also passed on the sports seats because of the shoulder uncomfort. But did get the electric seats.

    Re: Tried all of them

    Hey guys,

    For those who have tried the regular seats, dont you find that they are not supportive enough for more agressive driving? I will not be using this vehicle as an everyday commuter. Also people who have tried the regular seats havent you noticed that the seats allow you the chance to slouch?


    Re: Tried all of them

    Mine's a daily driver, so that's the reason for the bias towards long-distance comfort. I found that I slouched MORE in sports seats - no lower back support and shoulders pushed forwards. The sports seats probably ARE better in corners, but I found them crippling for me. I guess different people are different shapes, and have different needs, so try before you buy is probably the order of the day.

    Re: Tried all of them

    rss996 said:
    I think the sport seats in my 996 were awful...pushed my shoulder blades and neck forward..the elec seats with lumbar in the 9977 are so comfortable. That is the first thing people say who get in it comparing it to my 996..."These seats are so much better"!!!

    Check the archives. There are 6'4", 190 lb guys who find the Sport seats in the 997 very comfortable. The 996 ones WERE problematic for some people.

    Check these comparison photos. Shoulder pushers seem shallower (and lower?) on the 997 seats (red car)

    Re: Tried all of them

    here's the 996 photo for above comparison

    Re: Tried all of them

    i find it very annoying for Porsche not beeing able to make a seaty confort for fast driving and for long distances all that science crap and we are back to nowhere. Was it so f..g difficult to make a confortable seat .Not only we pay so much for this car we must pay extras for electric lumbar support that is almost essential as it prooves to be !



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