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    Tubi sport package

    I told you some time ago that I had a "surprise in store for the Modena...
    Next week I am going to get delivery and install the Tubi sport package.
    It consists of the Tubi silencer and tailpipes, Tubi straight pipes that replace the cats, and 2 Tubi high perf. air filters.
    This setup has proved to add 20-25 real hp(mostly down to the removal of the cats) and a soundtrack which is totally awesome, it is a cross between an F50 with sport exhaust and an F1 car.
    The system was provided by a really helpful and knowledgeable person: Manu from Scuderia Systems (loc. in the UK).

    Re: Tubi sport package

    Cat replacement pipes

    Re: Tubi sport package

    And the air filters

    Re: Tubi sport package

    Is it street legal in Italy?

    But I guess no italian cop would ever stop a Ferrari driver and charge him of manipulating the exhaust/sound. This would be treason on italian lifestyle, right?!

    How do air filters increase hp? I assume

    more air is allowed to the engine? If so would that not over time compromise the motor? I know people use K&N filters to increase perf but I am uncertain how they work.

    Finally if they do work without doing damage to the engine why doesn't the manufacturer equip the car with the performance enhancing filter?

    Re: How do air filters increase hp? I assume

    some types of air filters, for their charateristics:quality of the materials,the shape: plate, conical,bi-conical,compression of degree... allow a little (1,5-3%) hp increase with a sensible rise of sound-noise. In truth over time the problem is the maintenance,the cleaning of the filter... to keep the engine protected ...air filters producted by K&N, BMC... ensure better performances in safety for the engine.

    Re: Tubi sport package

    goood!You can only hope in "charitableness"of police men!

    Re: Tubi sport package

    It's not the italian police that preoccupies me the most, my concern is when I'm in switzerland...
    Cimmi: you know what you're talking about concerning air filters!!!

    Re: Tubi sport package

    Luigi - I can't wait to find out what your impressions are...... I am familiar with the sound but lets see what YOU think of it.


    You said your GT2 already sounded better than the original.
    What exhaust did you put on it?
    Hoe do you compare the noise with the Modena with and whitout Tubi?

    Re: GT2

    I put Cargraphic's Super Sound Export version sport cats and exhaust.
    This is their most extreme setup and it really makes the GT2 sound awesome (right William?!)
    The Modena stock is a little quiter than my GT2 with CG, but with the 360 it's the quality of the sound that is incredible much better than the GT2.
    Than my 360 with the Sport package is just OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!
    Remember that I have the most extreme set up, with test pipes instead of cats, whereas 99% of the people just get the Tubi muffler.

    This set up, and I'm not speaking metaphorically, really makes the Modena sound like a Formula 1 car.

    The only sound that comes close to it is that of the McLaren F1 LM.
    Believe me, you haven't heard anything like it (on the street).

    The power gain is really noticeable even from a seat of the pants point of view, at very low rpms it's a little less prompt but at high revs you feel an increase in power that seems more than the proven 25 hp.

    The downturn is that everybody turns and stares now, even from a mile away!!!

    Re: GT2

    Luigi, I know the Super Sound Export version of Cargraphic. It is extremely loud, especially when the exhaust is cold. I had the opportunity to listen to this system on a 996 TT. It sounds incredible but this is definitly for countries without police

    I'd love to hear your Modena

    Re: GT2

    Looks like you have a VERY VERY loud setup!!!
    Luigi I don't think it would have been possible to compare the 996TT with ANY exhaust with the Modena and your setup!
    I honestly don't!
    We all await videos and sound files!!!

    Incidentally are you getting any banging and popping on the overun? I think when the silencer begins to coke up you may even get FLAMES!!!!


    Re: GT2

    Manu, I'm getting all sorts of banging and popping and I think I already got a flame! (not sure)
    Problem is that this week end I had to go to Florence so I haven't used the Modena that much after the first two days.

    BTW guys Manu is really a cool guy and one of the most knowledgeable Tifosi I ever spoke to.Great aaddition to Rennteam!



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