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    F1 GP Belgium


    Kimi was today in class of its own... Massa good... Alonso good as well but, today only third... Hamilton-champion?

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    It was such a boring grand prix. I almost fell asleep. Usually, spa entertains but not today.

    If hamilton doesn't wake up, alonso will get a third title. My guess, alonso will be the champ again. Although I'd like to see the rookie win.

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    ZzzZzzZZzzzZzzzzzzZZz.....huh? What? is the race over?...
    They should use those 100 mio to fight boring races.

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    Dr. Phil said:
    They should use those 100 mio to fight boring races.

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    Maybe Belgian beer is better than racing in Belgium

    Alonso better win the championship this year. Otherwise we will be bombarded with sappy Hamilton articles.

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    Hamilton tried to pass Alonso on the outside of the first corner. After being forced off, he complained afterwards about Alonso's behavior. What did he expect from a 2-time World Champion? Perhaps Massa would have let him through?

    He pulled a similar stunt last week in Monza. Since there wasn't any room, he cut through the chicane and passed (?) anyway - gaining a position. Why wasn't he penalized? In most other racing series that would have been unacceptable.

    However, given Alonso's actions in the recent MacLaren/Ferrari case, I would much rather see Hamilton win the championship. In fact, I feel sorry for Ron Dennis - IMO he was probably unaware of what was going on, and mad that Alonso got off without any penalty whatsoever.

    Getting back on topic, MotoGP is much more entertaining to watch! These guys race wheel to wheel or is it shoulder to shoulder and aren't afraid to fall at 200mph.

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    Boring? Just the opposite for me and that is with me watching the race live at 7am in the morning (drinking beers with my F1 buddy). The race had many interesting moments you just have to be a hardcore fan to spot all action unfolding -and live timing on-line helps to keep track of the match-ups - like Kubica's fight all race long. I guess I qualify.
    Bottom line after turn one -
    Alonso has the attachments, Hamilton does not. Case closed.
    I love how Massa took fast lap - guess he was just trying to amuse himself. (Schumi buying his beer tonight for that one!)

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    IMO Alonso suddenly ran extremely wide, and very deliberately pushed Hamilton off the track.
    As far as I could see he didnt just hold his position and blocked Hamilton - he tried to run him off the track. AFAIK not exactly by the book.

    Ive criticized Alonso for being a sobbing girlieman - and he still is - but it's nice to see him really fight and be aggressive.
    This particular move looked a bit on the rough side, tho.

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    I have been an Alonso backer all year but his antics are getting out of control. It's obvious he is trying to destroy Hamilton, not just on the track but mentally as well. Never thought I'd say it, but now I'm backing Hamilton for the title.

    Re: F1 GP Belgium

    I've always been impressed by Alonso's driving, but I've never liked him as a person. He's arrogant and very selfish. Hamilton was a seemingly great guy at the start of the season, but seems just as selfish as Alonso, and being a rookie, I don't think he has the right to do the blocking and such that he's done. He has yet to prove himself. I haven't seen any spectacular drives from him, with the exception of the European GP when he worked his ass off to get 9th. I've also not seen any good overtaking moves he's had. Sure, in that drive at the 'Ring, he had plenty of overtaking, but those were obviously much slower cars such as the Hondas, Toyotas, and Spykers.



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