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    Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    From reading many of views on this forum, I'd say, "yes." The Cayman weighs about the same as the 987, costs more, has a modest increase in power. As a $65k, 3000 lb car, it competes directly with other offerings with more power and similar weight. If it weighed 2500 (or thereabouts) lbs, maybe a different story. In that case, it would have no peer as a tossable, well-built machine. Is the hatch-back, paltry hp bump, and increase in rigidity enough to justify the price? I say used prices will sink to Boxster S levels fairly soon, and discounts will come sooner than later.

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    Yes, if they build a large number, they will depreciate alot (especially when/if improved versions are released).

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    The same could be said of the 996.

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    Or just about any Porsche.....most seem to follow this course. I do see the present 997 retaining its value a little better though, as it looks like production has pulled back a bit. For just about all of the 996s (and 986)life I could find 10 or 15 of them on the lot at any given time....even just a few months after introduction....not so with the 997.....finding a new one on the lot (especially an S) is getting tough these days. I can find a good quantity of 987s on the lot though and substantial discounts can be had. I think the Cayman will follow its "middle-child" position and retain its value a little better than the Boxster, but not quite as good as the 911.

    As always getting one used is probably a better financial prospect.....but new also has its advantages. You know the full history of the car, and Porsche always smiles on original owners more when something goes wrong. I've seen orignal owner cars with out of warranty engine failures be paid for partially or totally by Porsche while second or third owners get stuck with a $10k bill. You can always go with Porsche certified used, but that takes away much of the savings of a used price.

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    Geez, is there ANY chance that the Cayman will be a sales FLOP?

    I'm not trying to emphasize the negative. BUT in the USA: is there really a popular demand for the car?

    The Boxster has a ragtop: that's a major attraction, right?

    Carrera is always popular.

    Has Porsche ever HAD true flops?

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    I don't think it will be a flop, but I don't think it will be quite the success as the Boxster or 911 are. Many people have been wanting this car but *really* wanted it to be more in line with Boxster pricing or below....that will be its biggest downfall. A lot of people will really be scratching their heads when a Boxster S is $5K LESS than a Cayman.....same brakes, same interior, no more standard equipment, etc. Many will care more about the price difference than the 15HP. While true Porsche enthusiasts will know the differences....a lot of potential buyers won't. There will also be a lot of compitition coming out in the next year or two......with lots more HP for the price......HP is not everything, but thats what a lot of people look at first.

    I have some contacts at a few dealerships across the US....and while some dealers do have some people on waiting lists and deposits down.....none of them are really seeing a fast flow of them....more like a trickle. I think most people want to see it in person and maybe even drive it before making a decision. From what I have read, Europe dealers are seeing even less of a demand.....for could all change once some more pics, info, and road tests are released.

    I don't think Porsche really has had any major flops where money was lost from the beginning and kept on. A lot of models were popular in the beginning with sales slowing down until it was no longer profitable to build them....but a lot of them lasted quite a few years before this happened.

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    Cayman will not be a flop. It will generate new publicity, get more people into the dealers and raise interest on their other models as well.

    Its another model that gives more customers more choices,some people want a coupe, but dont want or
    cant afford a 997 coupe, and its a new model Porsche,
    so that always appeals to the "I gotta have one first
    crowd." Presales might not be hot, but the car hasnt been formally released yet either. I think it will sell well to Boxster buyers who dont care about a rag top but still want a mid engine sports car, ansd there are even 997 buyers out there who think they want something less cliche'd or less ostentatious.

    We might obsess here about some features it doesnt have, but most Porsche customers are not as extreme as many of
    us here are.

    Porsche has never really had a total flop, some cars may have taken longer to sell thasn others, but they have never built a total sales disaster.

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    Good points. Thanks for the info Jim and Mike.

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    Part of me thinks they could dip below Boxster S levels due to the common perception that convertibles are more desirable/expensive.

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    The more pictures I see of the Cayman, the more it is starting to grow on me... Porsche has always made a beautiful vehicle and I don't think this will be an exception. I think it will all come down to the matter of price vs style when comparing the Boxster and Cayman. The price may be similar or near similar in both models, but both the Cayman and the Boxster do have a completely different body style. So as far as body style, there will be no comparison... and that will probably be the difference between who buys a Boxster, who buys a Cayman, and then those who will spend more to buy the 997, 911, GT, etc., etc.,

    Re: Will the Cayman will be a great used car bargain?

    It depends which country you are referring to.
    Porsche has different production/pricing and stocking strategies for different countries and these affect the residual prices.
    It is impossible for them to sell cars at 40% discount (v. Europe) in the USA without having other controls in place.
    And these affect the residual prices.



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