Drove a C55 this afternoon and it was a truly humbling expereince having driven some of it's more powerful siblings. On the highway this thing blitzes past all traffic, wether slow or fast, it's very nimble through corners, and shifts happen as you like them w/ out any uncessary [censored] occuring coming out of corners when driving hard. Corners come very easily though not as sharp as BM or Porsche it cuts through nicely w/ decent feel and precision that is very much on point. Purposely I pushed the car pretty hard through some sharp turns and corners and man does this thing kick like almost no other. A truly rewarding driving experience this was, more so than in an S4, but to say the least I can't help of thinking of some of the faster cars that I've driven that are tons more well sorted out than this fine piece of "German" engineering. I dind't think I'd think this in hindsight but in truth this is just not the car for me, I feel the need to have something w/ more of a hardcore demeanor about it... and I have the feeling that I'm getting closer.

In this class of car, wether is be sedan, coupe, roadster, whatever, the cars should handle w/ an extreme atheletic finesse that runs on harsh, as then you know exactly whats going on w/ the road and all other elements you may encounter from behind the wheel, but even more so this means that you the driver have all and absolute contorl. At least that's my view of what a "sporty car" should feel like.