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    987S Collision

    I don't know how many of you read the 997 Board but I mentioned that I got into a collision in my Boxster S on Saturday evening - West Side Highway Southbound here in Manhattan. I switched lanes from the center lane when the car in front of me for some reason slammed on his brakes - to the right lane, and didn't see a black Lincoln Towncar (dim tail lights). I rear-ended him and caused him to swerve (of course I'm not telling insurance that).

    I don't know if there are any threads yet on the 987 Board about accidents, but I was very impressed with the way this car performed with both active and passive saftey features. If it weren't for the superb braking system on the car the collision would have been far worse than it was (impact-wise). The brakes probably dropped me from 70 to 30 in what felt like a second and a half, and the steering allowed me to quickly "side-swipe" his rear bumper rather than going at him head on. The collision felt like a small bump, nothing severe which I thought was odd considering I've gotten into collisions with Volvos and Range Rovers and the impact, at slower speeds, seemed much more harsh.

    The car was completely driveable (yay for mid-engine config!), but there was significant damage to the front end. The bumper (which already had a scratch from damn valet parking) is severely scratched, the hood (probably the weakest part of the car) slightly folded, and the right Xenon head light was cracked, but functioning properly. The rest of the body, including wheels - was not affected.

    Also, I'm not a fan of Porsche Roadside assistance - I've had to use them twice (once in a snowstorm, and once for this accident) and they have severe limitations on the help they can provide you. For the snowstorm incident they couldn't provide assistance because it was on a State Highway, and for the crash they couldn't tow it to my dealer (also in Manhattan) because they are not permitted to tow vehicles from accidents within the five boroughs of NYC. They could tow from the storage facility to the dealer after it was released however. Sheesh, talk about fine print that doesn't exist.

    I had a tussle with the storage facility that the car was towed to (since Porsche/AAA couldn't do it) that the NYPD uses. This assclown almost refused to allow my car to be transferred to my dealership, saying I'm making a big mistake by not leaving it with him. He wouldn't take a credit card over the phone, wouldn't charge my card even though I sent him imprints, and required cash. I cannot even describe the relief I felt when I finally had Porsche tow it to my dealership.

    I just wanted to get on here to say, from personal experience and especially for those of you on the fence about any kind of Boxster saftey issues -- it's one safe vehicle and it hasn't let me down.

    Re: 987S Collision

    AJ, good to hear that you are OK and that your baby obviously needs some cosmetic surgery only (no structural damage)
    It certainly is confidence inspiring to know that the car's safety concept works well (first to mention the famous Porsche breaks which are in a class of their own).
    Reminds me of an old Porsche advert varying the common 0-100 theme by using the headline "from 100-0" showing a severly damaged 911 after an autobahn-crash and a lucky driver with no injuries at all praising the Porsche breaks for having saved his life

    Re: 987S Collision


    From my personal assessment it's only cosmetic damage - the body shop may see more although I doubt that main structure could have got damaged when the bumper is still in one piece -- doesn't even look like it dented it. It didn't surprise me that the hood folded, it's flimsy and I'm assuming it's one of the places Porsche cut weight on. I'm not sure how the 987 crumple zones are, but I'm assuming the hood is one of the first to start uh, crumpling....

    Re: 987S Collision

    ajcastaneda said:

    It didn't surprise me that the hood folded, it's flimsy and I'm assuming it's one of the places Porsche cut weight on. I'm not sure how the 987 crumple zones are, but I'm assuming the hood is one of the first to start uh, crumpling....

    Your assumption is right. AFAIK the 987 hood is made of aluminium whereas 986 has been sheet metal.

    Re: 987S Collision

    Glad to hear you're ok AJ; as far as the car goes it's only metal and nothing that a Porsche bodyshop cannot fix to brand-new like condition. Good to keep things in perspective.



    Re: 987S Collision

    Sorry to hear about your crash and glad that you're ok. I've had some near misses in the Boxster and the Test Drive + day helped show me what the car could do on its limits (brake and steer so well) and that helped me out one time from avoiding a big crash! Hope it gets fixed ok. Watch out though as some parts deform and you cant see them until you take the bumper off!

    Re: 987S Collision

    A little update on the collision.

    The adjuster came out to look at the damage with my dealership. Apparently my dealership outsources to two different body shops in the city that specialize in Porsche (I mentioned it earlier, if not on this board then on the 997 board).

    I don't have the exact estimate in front of me but this is from information I am getting from both the dealership and my insurance company.

    The total cost to repair is $7,300. $1,500 is the cost of the part to replace the whole xenon headlight unit. The rest is allocated to body/paint work, and the outrageous labor that Manhattan Motorcars charges ($165 an hour).

    Parts were ordered Friday, and work could be done by the end of this week or early next. I didn't have to deal with the adjuster at all - the dealership took care of it so I am happy in that regard. Now fingers are crossed on the quality of their work.

    Thank God for insurance. Oh, and I asked them not to drill holes into the bumper for those ugly license plates. (2nd request, the last time was when I first picked up the car).

    So I guess you could say Porsche's are somewhat own, to maintain, and to repair...



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