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    I have an order for a Cayenne S in Dubai and my car was in the first batch that was supposed to arrive in Mid March. I was told today by the dealer that the car will be delayed. He also said that there is a backlog in the aluminium package from Porsche Germany and recommended i switch to wood to avoid further delay. This also included the 20" wheels of which he recommended i change to 19". I am very dissapointed and was wondering if anyone else in this board has been told that these options will cause a delay.



    Re: Delay!

    Yes, a delay for me on the S if I want air suspension or PCM. No definite word yet on how long the delay will be.

    Re: Delay!

    Same here. S delayed due to air suspension delivery problems. No word on PCM or aluminum package as a cause. I will ask our dealer on Saturday for more info.

    Re: Delay!

    Same here.2 month delay because airsuspention for the Cayenne S

    Re: Delay!

    In December my dealer said my Cayenne could be built for April delivery (one month delay) however, now when I ask he is noncommital. I hope it's not more than 2 months.

    I do not believe the Aluminum option was constricted on his initial orders. I believe my dealer will have S's coming in with the Aluminum Package on March 15.

    Re: Delay!

    Well I was wrong! I just called the dealer and Aluminum is delayed! I was told that everything, including PCM, is now available except Air Suspension and the Aluminum Package. Well, I guess that's progress. I could live without the Aluminum but not without the Air Suspension .

    Re: Delay!

    Spoke with my dealer today. Currently no firm delivery dates for S cars with air suspension available. Problem should be fixed within the next 4-6 weeks (hopefully). No word on aluminum package as another reason for the delay. And no word from PAG that May deliveries will be moved towards September/October (they would expect a delay of four weeks).

    Sounds promising. Hope it's true. (NT)


    Re: Sounds promising. Hope it's true. (NT)

    I will attend the Geneva Auto Show next week and try to get more firsthand info on this whole issue at the Porsche booth.

    Bad news

    Just returned from an absolutely gorgeous two-day visit to Geneva Auto Salon's press days. Many nice cars (Enzo, Maybach, ...) and many VIP's around. Spoke with a press rep from PAG about Cayenne delay....wait, my phone is**!! Just received a call from our dealer who gave me the latest facts about the delay:

    1. No Air Suspension for the S until July or August 2003 (worst case September)

    2. Same delivery problems with Aluminum package, Rear heated seats, Entry&Drive, Supple Leather and other extras.

    3. Model year change 2004 on June 1st 2003, with a price rise of max. 2 % (at least in Germany) due to some standard equipment/technical changes (details not yet known but it's likely that these should erase initial technical problems, probably some slight design changes as well...)

    Back to an info from Geneva:

    PAG simply misjudged demand for Air Suspension, VW seems to be unwilling to give some of its quota to PAG.

    Re: Bad news

    I just checked with my dealer on your news. He just received a constraint bulliten on the Soft Look Leather AND Rear Mounted Spare. Air Suspension is still up in Summer MY change sounded right. He says Entry and Drive is available now.

    Brandywine Porsche Says they have 4 S's w/ Air

    Re: Bad news

    Our dealer now got a new firm production date for our Cayenne S with Air Suspension and Aluminum Package:

    1. Production date moved from April to July with an expected factory delivery at the end of July/beginning of August.

    2. Still no news on the specifics of the MY 04 change (besides a price increase of approx. 1.9% in Germany which PAG waived for our contract).

    3. Still no release date for Sport Seats available yet.



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