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    The verdict Ferrari V 997 TT or 998

    Went to the showroom yesterday to check out Ferraris. The showroom had no F430 on display that I was interested in. It had a lot of used Modena 360 coupe and spyder and one brand new 612 Scaglietta. It was a huge car in black 4 seater but it would not be for me. The only coupe I was interested in was the 430. I was told to put in a deposit and wait in line delivery 2008 year end. I couldn't wait that long plus there will be too many new cars coming out by then I don't know if I would still want he 430 after 2/3 years. Plus novelty factor would be out by then. To me the modena looks like it has aged a bit (just this is all personal). This morning I was driving to work and saw a well-kept 964 turbo in black and it looked marvellous. To me, I could totally fathom myself driving it and still feel very good. For some reason, I would definitely feel a little silly driving Magnum PI's Ferrari today but it's all personal.

    It looks like the wait and the age quality of Ferrari just aren't my cup of tea. To me again all personal, the Turbo while often time touted as bland, boring, normal looking by a few Ferrari enthusiasts and many others... on this board or off this board, is always my dream car.

    I actually also saw a 986 base 2.47 L 1997 in black and very well kept and after 10 years or so, I could still see that it had aged very well and not in the least bit silly looking. I could totally imagine how proud the owner must be back in 1997 owning the first realized concept retro car resembling the 550 spyder (back then I was dreaming about the boxster in high school... could never afford one.)

    The silver boxster with a black top seems forever timeless and classic to me just like a 911 and 550 spyder coupe. Guess Porsche while touted as boring by many just possesses this timeliness qualities like a VW BEETLE and A MINI. Yes boring but I love it.

    So in the end, I walked away from the showroom didn't putting down my cheque. Maybe I should think again but I am waiting a bit on my upgrading plan.

    Re: The verdict Ferrari V 997 TT or 998

    I am thinking about putting a deposit for the 2010 F4x0.

    Also, If you want one immediately. There are a few selling brand new, if you can pay 100-150k over sticker.

    Re: The verdict Ferrari V 997 TT or 998

    initial D are they IM goods or water goods?

    Re: The verdict Ferrari V 997 TT or 998

    I think they are IM goods. not 100% sure, but 99%.
    Italianmotors prefer water people to buy from them, instead of through other dealers.

    Re: The verdict Ferrari V 997 TT or 998

    Quote: said:
    I am thinking about putting a deposit for the 2010 F4x0.

    I guess it's more like 2009 than 2010...



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