-Porsche is out of town and requires hotel accommodations and multiple trips.
-Seller & Buyer are very serious.
-BUYER pay cash with wired funds
-SELLER holds clean title
-BUYER not proceed to next step if conditions are not met.

1)Exhaustive screen via phone. BUYER happy.
2)Inform over phone of required PPI. SELLERS agrees.
3)Request VIN#. SELLER agrees.
4)Screen in person. Buyer happy.
5)Make a fair "market offer" offer MINUS cost of repairs typical for model year of car (i.e. 993 needs top end work, 996 RMS et al) and visible issues. SELLER rejects.
6)Offer to pay MORE if PPI findings warrants higher price. SELLER accepts.
7)Perform PPI at your cost with your mechanic. Assume SELLER accepts.
NOTE: IF SELLER will only use a specific mechanic then propose he share cost of PPI. SELLER accepts.
8)Make adjusted offer (more or less) based on PPI results.

What do you think? Please take off your OWNER HAT and put on your BUYER HAT.