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    19's and PASM on the track, or go with 18's?

    Is it stupid to run 19's (with PASM) at a short, technical track? Would I be better off reducing weight and getting 18's? (I'm not sure 17's work with the 987/997 PASM-equipped cars or not, but the wheel wells are pretty darn huge so I would think that it would look odd)

    Re: 19's and PASM on the track, or go with 18's?

    Do you have a 997 or 997S? I think the brakes on the S are too big for 17's. There is a poor selection of track tires in 19's for now - lots of stuff in 18's...

    Re: 19's and PASM on the track, or go with 18's?


    Re: 19's and PASM on the track, or go with 18's?

    teutonictrio said:

    Sorry, my mistake. I think I would still go with 18's if you're going to do alot of tracking...

    What about 18" 996 Carrera wheels for a 987S ?

    I want 18" wheels for my 987S (on order), for ride comfort and handling. I like the look of the 18" Carrera III wheels, but I understand they don't fit on a Boxster.

    It has been slow to dawn on me that 18" 996 Carrera 5-Spoke wheels look nearly the same and were optional on the 2003 Boxster S. Those wheels come in 8" and 9" widths -- just the same as the 2005/2006 18" Boxster S wheels.

    You can see the wheel choices at

    Is there any reason why I shouldn't put 18" 996 Carrera 5-spoke wheels on my 987S?
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    Below is information that I got from Wheel Enhancement. Any comments on the info they have provided? Is there any issue created by these differing offsets, or with the use of spacers on the rear wheels only?

    According to Wheel Enhancement:

    The wheels on the 2006 Boxster S have the following offsets:

    8x18" 57mm
    9x18" 43mm

    The 2002 996 Carrera 5-spoke wheels have the following offsets:

    8x18" 50mm
    9x18" 52mm

    Using the 8x18" 2002 wheel with a 7mm more aggressive offset on the front is not a problem, the wheel will be well within the fender on the car. The rear 9x18" 2002 wheel sits too far inboard without using a spacer, affecting the handling as well as having a negative affect on the appearance. Using a 17mm Porsche Factory wheel spacer (and silver anodized lug nuts) will bring the rear wheel out 8mm further than the stock wheel, compatible with the front wheel's position.



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