I normally post here so I will post my Maybach notes here as well!!

I was going to a neighbors (2 houses away) birthday party tonight and in the driveway next to mine was a 2 tone silver beautiful car. I did a double take and realized it was a Maybach MY 04. The owner spent a good half hour showing it to me - lcd screens on the backs of the front seats, front visor mirrors that can change from normal to magnifying ( for the ladies), dvd, game hook-ups, electric rear and side curtains, gauges ( clock, speed and temp) in the ceiling for the back seat passengers, and I'm sure you know all the rest, but it was so cool just to sit in it and start the engine (V12 - Dual Turbo) and see the $325,000.00 window sticker!!!! Wow - I'd still rather have the E55 but ............. ouch what a nice car. MB, you did it!!!

Cheers, mp