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    Bad Service

    I would like to know if anyone has had same trouble with their dealer.
    I ordered sport exhaust with my carrera and it came without it.
    The dealer told me, no worries, should be there within three months.
    Three months!!! How is the XLF exhaust different from the 996 phase 1?
    Anyway, I decided to deal with it myself, so I called Porsche France who directly reports to Porsche AG.
    I received my exhaust in three days with apologies!!!!!!!!!
    I felt bad for my dealer though, bc he has become a good friend and I believe PAG does not like clients reporting directly to them, I think they gave him a pretty bad time.
    But come on, these are not suppose to happen.
    One of my best friend has a 996 GT2 and he has been waiting for a Roll Over cage for four months and he has paid for it!!!!!
    And now, similar problem, I ordered the Traffic Pro for navigation, to be fitted instead of my CDR32, my dealer tells me it is now a relicate option.
    It means I could wait for it between 2 weeks and 6 months, this is totally unacceptable. If it is not available then Porsche should not advertise it on their website under Tequipment.
    RC, do you think I should cancel the order and order directly to Beker?
    I would call Porsche France but I don't want my dealer to get into trouble again.
    Has anyone experienced anything like that?

    Re: Bad Service

    If you want a TrafficPro fast try He is in Belgium and can get Porsche parts to the US in 2 days so... it should be very fast to you.

    Loren (99 996)

    Re: Bad Service

    Why don't you call directly the Tequipment/Exclusive department at the factory ? I can provide you with a phone number if you need it. They speak English and I'm sure they can help. Don't worry about your dealer, YOU are the customer. My dealer hates it when I call Porsche directly but last time when I enquired a new gearbox, Porsche sent a fax directly to the dealer to approve it. It took me 2 minutes to write the fax and it took Porsche a few minutes to fax my dealer to get me a new gearbox. That's service, I LOVE to call the factory or send them faxes. However I'm not sure my dealer or even Porsche likes it but I am the customer and have all rights, nope ?

    Re: Bad Service

    Actually, it would be a good idea to call them.
    I met a really nice guy working at the exclusive department whose name is Alexander, maybe you know him too. (young, slim, german...)
    I thought that Exclusive and tequipment were two different departments though?
    I will leave my dealer some time, but end of june, I call the factory, you're right.

    Re: Bad Service

    You're talking about Mr. Duwendag, right ? A pretty important guy at Exclusive.
    Exclusive and Tequipment are actually one department. Tequipment sells retrofit stuff and Exclusive usually optional stuff on new cars only.
    Only the Selection department is a completely different department.
    Why wait until end of june to call the factory ? I sent you a contact phone number and you should call them. Maybe just out of curiousity ?!



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