I had the oppurtunity to test drive both the Cayenne S and the turbo.

I drove the S first which did not have the air suspension option and was dissapointed. The ride was quite firm and the steering felt a bit like the boxster but the performance was not very impressive. The car did not feel special and would rate the X5 higher overall.

However the turbo's performance was very impressive and the ride was much smoother with the air suspension. The full leather interior which was black felt very rich. The car felt special, like a Porsche. I already cancelled my order for the S for the Turbo!

The dealer informed me that all cars built in June onwards will be 2004 models and it will be easier getting all the options you want then.

I also asked about the 997 which is supposed to replace the 996 in around 2005. He said that this rumoured car which will come in a more powerful 'S' format also is actually a new model line up from porsche and not a replacement for the 996?