I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this annual race in Australia. It attracts a huge range of modern and classic sports cars, this year including 3 x GT2's many GT3's, Turbos (996 & 993), some old Ferraris, an RS200 Group B rally car, Subaru WRX's, Skyline GTR N1's, EVO VII's and a couple of Lotus Exige's. It attacts 250+ competitors including professional drivers (multiple Bathurst Winners), Murray Walker (navigating), and Klaus Bischoff each year in a very special Porsche shipped out from the Porsche Museum (this year the 1978 911SC safari rally car, in previous years anything from 550's to 356GT's). Walter Rohl, Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham have all competed in recent years. It's a unique event and would be of interest to anyone who wants to follow a unique event where we can legally and "safely" race our cars on the open road!

I competed in my Lotus this year and last year...

have a look at some great action photos at www.cybernoir.com.au or the official site www.targa.org.au