TheCarConnection has an interview with Bob Lutz, head of GM product development, and a look at his car collection. Here's the link: Lutz Interview.

It's really very interesting. Lutz knows cars! He's very impressive. Here's a sample from the interview:

Of the C4R, Lutz says, "This car lives by its proportions. There are bad features, but even the things that are bad... give it character. And it has such overwhelming presence. It looks like a great big old '50s Ferrari, and it still rumbles and shakes and twists with torque. It's an old triangulated boxed, rectangular tubular space frame, very lightweight aluminum structure, about 2100 pounds, with a 331 Chrysler Hemi V-8, over 400 horsepower, on those skinny Dunlop racing tires. And there's nothing on it... no heater, ventilation, windows, door seals, door inner panels, carpeting... it's a bare bones sports car. At the California Mille Miglia, Denise and I sucked the doors off all the Ferraris, and it hangs with the C-Type Jaguars. It's really fast, really fast!