madadd said:
This inside information. There seems to have been a lot of it flying around!

Some Rennteam 'Insider' comments on the 'All New' 997 .I quote..

** Fanch .. #26927 - Wed Mar 17 2004

Just got a call from an insider from Porsche France (please note, not my dealer! so although we can never be 100% sure, I trust my source, I want to anyway )
He asked me not to repeat, and it's fine, I'm not repeating, I'm just passing on the info tough if he finds out.

1- Presentation of the 997 in Paris
2- Two Versions: Narrow and wide body
3- 350 hp and 380 hp respectively (plus or minus 2 or 3 bhp)

**Ron (Houston) .. #29917 - Thu Apr 22 2004

All "S" models are couple inches wider in the rear.

And I won't mention that ones like the carrera has 350 and 'S' has 400bhp as standard ;-)


May I jump in a little bit and explain:
1. even Porsche doesn't know one or two years before they introduce a new model the PRECISE specs because the car(s) need certification, testing, etc.
2. fanch and Ron are very valuable moderators. Sometimes they just seem to forget to add the word "rumour" to a post. I'm very "anal" about using the word rumour exactly because of posts like this which somehow want to "prove" that "we" were wrong.

Rennteam.com posted the PRECISE 355 HP engine performance figure MONTHS before the official press announcement.
And we showed specs and pictures (non-camouflaged) two days before the official press announcement and no, we didn't violate any non-disclosure agreements like several other "internet" magazines accused us.

I don't say we don't make mistakes but our information is pretty accurate and this is why lots of enthusiasts worldwide join us, including dealers and even press people because our site is a good source for rumours. Again: RUMOURS.
A FACT can come from Porsche ONLY, not from car magazines, not from us or even dealers. So unless Porsche publishes the official figures for the 997 Carrera 4 and Carrera 4 S, we're pretty much in the dark.

And a last word regarding the powerkit: we announced the powerkit back last summer...go figure. Not only the 997 Carrera S powerkit but also the Cayenne Turbo powerkit and both times we were right on the target with the HP figure.
I live about 80 minutes (Autobahn) from the factory, the other editor-in-chief around 20 minutes. We get information through old friends, anonymous sources, press events, users and others. And of course there is a margin of error.
That said, people have two choices when they're looking for new infos: waiting for the official release on the Porsche website or checking this forums or maybe others.

Don't get me wrong: I understand your view very well. But we're a bunch of enthusiasts who put up this site for other enthusiasts and we're not paid for this, we don't get money from advertisement, Porsche doesn't pay us either and on the contrary, Rennteam.com costs a lot of money (server cost, driving around getting infos, phone bills, etc.) and especially a lot of time. And since we all editors and moderators have real life jobs too, this site really is a "gift" from us to you guys. I hate to mention it but I'm afraid it is a fact, not a rumour.