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    Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    Well i purschase the porsche tequipment cleaing kit(coupe)
    and the interior cleaning kit total amount for both 186,00 Euro

    I have not try them yet but what is your opinion about them?

    I mean i m sure there are better products out there but are these good enough(quality speaking)

    Plus i got a small scratch in the right back flare(driver's side), i dont know how, but its ot too deep,so i assume that its not been made by some [censored] passer, its at the upper side.

    Can this really get vanished with these products?
    My car is Arctic Silver(thanks god not black again!)

    So does anybody know to offer directions on how to apply

    Soft wax+hard wax that is included in the tequipment case?

    Thanx in advance

    PS. i ve never used was on any cars of mine ,well just once but i got bored and stopped

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    Dilinger, Porsche doesn't "make" any of the stuff in that tequipment kit (they just buy aftermarket stuff, and repackage), and there's really nothing that special about any of it. There is good wax, and not-so-good wax, but much of the market is dominated by marketing hype, kind of like hair shampoo. I Can't believe you've never waxed a car!!! Good God my man!!! Your paint must look and feel AWFUL on your previous cars, especially the black!!!! (I get chills, the heeby-jeebies, thinking about neglected paint!). It's not rocket science maintaining paint and trim, it just takes some effort and some standards and some pride. I treat it as an art, as obviously, I get into some serious detailing on serious cars for shows and Concours. Anyhow, detailing and waxing is less about the equipment and the waxes, and more about the care and judgement and meticulous nature of the human being going about the work. Being able to "see" imperfections in the surface of the paint that most people are oblivious to. Understanding what harms a paint surface. How to avoid contamination of pads and towels. Getting the car totally clean, even inside the wheel wells and under the rocker panels, so there's no chance of dirt contamination in any of your pads or towels. You may be able to minimize your scratch, but be careful going after it. Use a mild polish like Meguiars #7, and then wax. You probably won't make it go away, but you'll make it far less prominent. Detailing a car on a nice day with a fridge full of cold beer is one of my favorite hobbies. When you finish, you've got a work of art to behold, and the fresh wax will make washing and drying SO much easier for the next couple months, at which point it's time to drag out all your gear and do it again. Everything in your kit should be fine stuff, but it's how you use it that's most important. Be clean, be gentle, be meticulous, be methodical. How to apply wax??? Take a clean pad, apply some wax to it, rub it on the car!!! My only advice is that you don't need to slather on loads of wax, you'll just be wasting wax and wasting effort. When you buff off the wax, you leave a thin coating behind. No matter whether you apply the wax sparingly, or slosh it on with a mop, you still will wind up with the same thin coat of wax. So it's easier (especially on removal) to apply a thin and even coat of wax. Don't feel like you've got to dowse the car in the stuff, you'll just make a mess, and wax will get deep down into all of your cracks and crevices where it will be a bear to get it cleaned back out.

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    Also, people will tell you to apply in straight lines, not circles, to avoid swirl marks. Here's my opinion. A GOOD finishing wax should not leave any swirl marks, under any lighting condition, no matter what motions you use to apply it. I find that my cheap and very very good Meguiars Gold Class wax comes off crystal clear and clean, no matter whether I put it on in circles or lines. So my opinion is, it's not so much the motion, it's the potion.

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    69 i said i ve never waxed any cars of mine, i did not say they werent waxed

    well they were but not from me

    from professionals!!

    My scratch did not go out but after applying some Pain polish and after Hard wax its almost insivible if not invlisible at all.

    Despite that i would expect it to be totally vanished because it was too small and narrow,whereas in my previous cars(all black )
    I ve managed to disappear bigger scrathes totally,but the wax that we used(me and some special guy) was far more thick than this one from Porsche.
    Conclusion:Wax from Porsche is a waste of money(The briefcase though is nice !)

    PS. The leather cleaner and leather conditioner did the job Excellent(i applied them today!)

    these products you refer to, are not known to me because in Greece we are offered with different products concering waxes and stuff.

    PS@: I revealed a small-not scratch -nor breakin- but kind of(i dont know the word) crack like a stone was thrown during driving(but in vertical shape) in the back right flare this cannot be fixed,its so small though that can only be visible under extreme lighting conditions(i.e with halogen lights thrown at that point)during night

    Thanx for your input though

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    Dillinger is right, in Greece we dont't have a great experience in waxing and not too many products are available. Even worse i don't even know someone really expert to trust my car.

    And Porsche salesman told me that "there is no need foe waxing.The car is already waxed form the factory".

    Any suggestions Dillinger?

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits



    gENERALLY IT HAS CHEAP PRODUCTS, but in this field some import waxed i ve been told are somehow good ,i can ask and tell you Zoltan

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    Finding a "professional" car detailer is like finding an honest and reasonable plumber.... Almost impossible!! That's why I've always done it myself. In choosing a detailer, I think a background in automotive restoration and competitive national-level showing is a must, otherwise they just don't "get it", they have no proper frame of reference or standard of excellence. Nor do they understand how to treat delicate and irreplaceable surfaces. Finding a detailer with that kind of mindset and experience, as I said, is near impossible (note, I said "near" impossible, there are some sharp detailers out there). I didn't realize that products were tough to come by in Greece. But as I said, most products are good enough, it's the manner in which they are used that really counts. Have fun!!

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    I 'll be waiting...
    thanx Dillinger

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    69bossnine, some of the black trim on my car has wax on it, any tips on the easiest way to remove it? (apart from not getting on there in the first place)
    Thanks, Leong

    Re: Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Kits

    Leong try some vinyl cleaner if ti is on plastic surfaces



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