nberry said:
Jim apparently Porsche is concerned. They have limited the production of their true performance cars like the RS, GT2 and GT3. They could have sold many more of these cars which have high profit margins but chose not to do so to protect its waning image.

Fritz wake up and smell the Starbucks coffee. Porsche is sniffing it now.

Ferrari limits the production of their better cars too. Production was limited on the CS, the Scuderia, the F40, the F50, the Enzo and especially the FXX. The autotrader ad's here are full of 430's, 360's and 355's though. It's way harder to find a used Gallardo or Murcie.

I read an article in Excellence magazine yesterday about a 1980's 911 with over 300,000 miles on it. I've never read anything like that on a Ferrari. It seems they were really meant to be driven which is a huge difference between the two manufacturers.