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    Porsche:150.000 cars...maybe?

    FRANKFURT, Sept 20 (Reuters) - The head of Porsche's (PSHG_p.DE) core sports car business said the company could sell 150,000 cars a year in the mid to long-term but new models would be needed to achieve this goal.

    "If the world economy picks up again we can well imagine unit sales of 150,000 Porsche cars per year," Chief Executive Michael Macht told German paper Welt am Sonntag in an interview.

    "But we won't achieve this with the four models that are existing today. Otherwise, we would have to significantly increase the number of cars of the current models. And then we would not be exclusive anymore. Therefore we have to think about new vehicles."

    Porsche currently manufactures the 911 sports coupe, the Boxster cabriolet and its hard-top Cayman, the four-door SUV Cayenne and the luxury sedan Panamera. [ID:nLN182115]

    Preliminary results showed unit sales at the Porsche AG sports car business plunged 24 percent to around 75,200 vehicles in the past fiscal year to the end of July 2009. [ID:nLF496297]

    Macht said that the company was working "intensively" on an electrically powered sports car but it would take some time until a marketable model could be introduced "with a reasonable reach, achieving the same handling characteristics of a petrol engine".

    Being asked whether that would ever happen, Macht was quoted as saying: "I could imagine that we will drive the first vehicles in as soon as five to 10 years."

    Regarding the future of the company Macht, who took over the position of Porsche AG CEO from Wendelin Wiedeking in July [ID:nSP513587], said:"I am standing for integration instead of confrontation. This does not mean that my predecessor was the exact opposite. He very much could integrate, otherwise he would not have been that successful over so many years." (Reporting by Christoph Steitz; Editing by Greg Mahlich)


    Dedi La vita è troppo corta per non guidare italiano.....

    Re: Porsche:150.000 cars...maybe?

    Remember the Porsche 914? Most Porschophiles do, although some choose to forget the mid-engined sportscar built from 1969 through 1976. But the four-cylinder model was something of a sales success for the German automaker, handily outpacing the firm's range-topping 911 series throughout its model run. Might we see a return of the entry-level Porsche, once again with a little help from Volkswagen?

    Coinciding with earlier reports, a story from Automobilwoche (via Drive), says the answer may very well be 'yes.' According to the German pub, Wolfgang Duerheimer, head of development at Porsche, has said that a model "significantly cheaper than" the Boxster is a top priority for the automaker. The new car would reportedly be produced in cooperation with Volkswagen, which recently assimilated Porsche into its giant European operations. Anyone else thinking BlueSport?

    Dedi La vita è troppo corta per non guidare italiano.....

    Re: Porsche:150.000 cars...maybe?

    I can't honestly say that this excites me in any particular way. I have never been a "volume" guy. (although I understand the need for it)

    Hopefully once they have taken care of the "bottom" of the range, they will concentrate on the "top-end".


    Re: Porsche:150.000 cars...maybe?

    I'm sure VW sees this as an untapped market. The Porsche badge for a price in the mid 30's?



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