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    Lower body help!

    I went to my autobody shop and talked to the guy there, the one I went to is the most professional one in MA, good reputation and good job in painting.

    I asked him whether I can get my black plastic molding front, rear and side sanded smooth and painted white, he said that he cant sand it smooth and the paint job will be hard and will not look good, so what is a solution to this if I want to paint the lower body?

    The car color is Sand White.


    Re: Lower body help!

    Porsche Puebla in Mexico had a Sand White S that they sanded the lower moldings smooth and painted them. An employee posted a photo on this website and it looked good. Personally, I don't think it's necessary to sand the moldings smooth. I left mine with the pebble finish and painted them like that. I have had no problems with paint chips and I do a good bit of driving on gravel and rocky roads. Paint prep work is very important. Good luck!

    Deetz, my Turbo came with 'S' valances...

    ...because of the off-pavement package. I had them painted silver without being sanded and I'm highly satisfied with how it looks. You can see lots of pics of it here.

    Re: Deetz, my Turbo came with 'S' valances...

    GM Austin: thanks so much, I saw that car, its a beauty!! I want to do the same but my shop said that he cant sand it smooth like those in Audi A4s. But I will force him to do it :P

    Jeffrey: wow your car is a beauty too!! BIG BOY!! do you prefer to get it sanded or just leave them like that and paint them? I have another question, do you like silver caliper? hahaha to match your car :p because I need a red one I think, just inform me "if" you want to swap them,

    I need some input so I can tell him to do whatever I want
    thanks !!

    Re: Deetz, my Turbo came with 'S' valances...

    I made up my mind, I will not sand it because the Turbo's plastic molding are not sanded either when they are painted

    Jeff: I noticed that you swapped the calipers already, do you know anyone with red calipers who need silver one? please let me know thanks



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