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    Q re. preventing stone chips from marring paint finish

    I have an '01 Boxster and an '02 TT 996. The Boxster finish looks like it is in mint condition except for one unsightly stone chip on the hood. And unfortunately, I obssess about that one little flaw rather than the overall great condition of the car.

    For my '02 tt99 I am considering using some kind of protective sealant around the most vulnerable areas (leading edge of bumper/hood, mirrors, area around the fender behind the trailing part of the wheels)...

    This solution involves some kind of trade off. The finish will never look perfect because the seem of the protective seal is visible, particularly on darker colored cars like mine. However, the sealant will protect the car from all but the biggest stone chips. Also when the sealant gets beat up from wear and tear of driving, it can be replaced at a cost so the finish will look good.

    Has anyone on this forum used such products? My local Porsche dealer discourages it, calling it "cheesy looking". I am torn... I would love to hear other people's opinions on this matter.



    Re: Q re. preventing stone chips from marring paint finish

    I have the same problem, and I'm afraid there's not much you can do about it.
    I got my stonechips after a track day.
    One advice, don't stay too close from the guy in front of you for too long, otherwise, your bonnet will look like gruyere cheese!
    BTW, thanks for your message, I appreciate.
    Take care,

    It's not permanent and is it!

    01 TT - Seal Grey....multiple track in AZ....tons of road sand/ etc!

    1 1/2 years road rock chips. I believe I paid about $600 for a full frontal install. No it's not invisible. But yes, its functional and hardly noticeable..if done by an experienced installer. I have Stonegard...but there are a couple of other 3M products out there.

    I could send you pictures...but you won't see the where the film edge is. Don't look at it as a cosmetis enhancement. Look at it as a functional solution.

    email if you have any additional questions....

    PS: Putting it on my 944 as we speak...


    Re: Q re. preventing stone chips from marring paint finish

    I live in Greenwich and I have a 996 TT also. Are you familiar with Armourfend 3m protective film? Armourfend USA is headquartered in Greenwich on the Portchester border and is run by Joe Kane who is a Porsche enthusiast. They do a ton of Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin, including my car (front hood, bumper, wings, headlamps) and it is virtually invisible.
    Send me a message if you want to see my car. No affiliation just a happy customer.

    Tel 203 532 1550

    Re: Q re. preventing stone chips from marring paint finish

    yes, I would like to correspond more by email... send your a way to reach you to my email address I had a couple more questions to ask you regarding local dealers and what not... I want to be sensitive to RC's desire not to commercialize this forum/hawk products... etc... but I would very much appreciate asking you a couple more questions.





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