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    Cayenne News

    From USA Today, some details of the $15 million ad campaign:

    From the Birmingham Business Journal, Porsche had a 1.5 mile test track built at the Barber Motorsports Raceway. Porsche has a three year lease on the track:

    Re: Cayenne News

    Risky business. Let's hope that this will secure the future of Porsche and that they come back to Le Mans.

    What might be interesting too

    As far as I heard, there are no customer cars delivered in Germany until march 2003. This sounds pretty strange to me if true. This would also indicate a pretty short MY 2003, one reason why people might want to wait until MY 2004. The "delay" might indicate some problems during production, personally I'd surely buy a Cayenne after the summer factory shutdown (IF there will be any this year in Leipzig).

    Re: What might be interesting too

    Why would you buy the car after the summer shutdown Chirstian?

    Re: What might be interesting too

    In reply to:
    Why would you buy the car after the summer shutdown Chirstian?

    Because if there is a problem, it will be solved for the new MY. Porsche is pretty fast when it comes to solutions.


    Just to stop any rumors, my Cayenne TT has just been delivered and I'll be picking her up tomorrow evening in Bern, Switzerland. There are also cars that have already been delivered in Germany.


    I know that there are cars delivered in Germany and other countries, the "problem" is that a source states that german dealers are not allowed to deliver cars to customers til march 2003. I guess I have to put my hand on the phone and find out.

    Re: What might be interesting too

    Hello Fanch,

    If workers on the assembly line are going on holidays in August, production engineers don't !!!! They have an entire month to fix production issues.

    But we also have to bear in mind that most of the Cayenne is outsourced (over 80%) and the Liepzig factory is just a final assembly and inspection line. Most of the components are coming from outside suppliers and problems can come from them not from Porsche. In that case it may not be that easy to fix them.

    Re: Cayenne News

    Back to the news; I just discovered these photos on my dealer's website. I wonder if they are from that new track in Birmingham? I should be able to find out tomorrow. Here is the address:


    You can call the Porsche 'Kunden Zentrum' Stuttgard
    0711911863 they are very helpfull.
    Happy driving


    Do you really think this is something you get from an official source? Are these the same guys who said they don't know anything about a new GT3 a month or two ago?

    I also think you got the phone number wrong, unfortunately I don't have the time to look it up right now.

    Re: Cayenne News - Test Track

    Yes, that is the new test track. My dealer just came back from there and says there is about 15 miles of off-road trails at this track. He promised to e-mail some photos. I will post them if I get them.



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