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    Installation of Steel Skid Plate

    Well it wasn't real easy but having 4 hands is helpful...

    First remove the bumper... several screw are removed from inner wheel wells in order to get to the screw that hold the bumper in place, Once those are removed there is a plastic release then holds the bumper slides in & out of on the sides... As one holds the bumper, the other guy detached tubing if you have pop up headlight washers, also remove one wire harness if you have PDC...

    Once off.. then drill holes on the inside where they are clearly marked for you... Different size holes are need for propper fitment.

    Then attach plate and attach round washers once plate is in...
    Use a socket and a hammer to lock down those large washers...

    Also where the tow hooks are, that area around where the exsiting cover was needs to be cut so that the plate sits flush on the bumper.. as seen here...

    Then put her all back together..

    And it will look like this..

    Only good pic I have from a distance since I installed before my race this weekend..

    Re: Installation of Steel Skid Plate

    It's beautiful.... very good indeed..
    Have you done it yourself ??

    Re: Installation of Steel Skid Plate

    Just another thing... if you don't mind, where have you bought the Turbo's brakes ?


    Re: Installation of Steel Skid Plate

    Great photo series Kevin! Thanks for posting. My dealer offered to put on the skidplate for free and it looks like I missed out on a lot of fun. Looking at my installation I don't think they trimmed around the tow hook area as well as you. One side doesn't fit quite as flush as it should.

    Do I remember correctly that you got those calipers from Jeffrey Behr?

    Re: Installation of Steel Skid Plate

    Wiz.. Yes myself and a friend installed it...

    GM-- Correct those are Jeffrey's red callipers...
    We traded Wiz...

    I forgot to mention I chaged out the H11 Fog lights to match
    the Bi-Xenons lights..

    Re: Installation of Steel Skid Plate

    Nice rig, Kevin!



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