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    Strange Wheel Discrepancies At Dealer

    Hey Gang,

    Today I went back to the dealer in an attempt to sort out some of the wheel choices. I've ordered a GR/Bk 3.6 cab with the 19" Carrera Classics but thought I'd take some time to see if there was another worthwhile choice.

    I went to Ray Catena Porsche in Edison (NJ), where they have a great selection of 997's on the floor and in the lot. Here's what I found that was strange:

    1. The XRR sport wheel (19): excellent stance, literally right out to the edge of the wheel housing, rears are wearing 305's. I love this wheel, but I'm not sure of the look with GR. It was on a GR in the showroom and somehow, the slightly darker paint color on the wheel (Seal maybe??) seems a little less impactful for me on GR. They looked amazing on the non-metallic black and on the silver and greys.

    2. The "S" wheel (19): sits inboard from the rear wheel arch about an inch. Wearing a 295 rear tire. Fills the wheel area well but does not match the XRR for hugging the wheelhousing edge.

    3. The Classic (19(: sits inboard about an inch as well but is deceiving - almost looks like it's smaller than it is - a lot of open space between the spokes. Lots of wheel housing showing. Fronts seems to have the "front wheel drive" positive offset look.

    4. The Sport Design(19): it too sits inboard about an inch in the rear, but it has so much surface area in the spokes that it seems "fuller" in the wheel housing, if such a thing actually exists.

    Here's the strange thing: there was a base 3.6 with upgraded "S" wheels on the lot. A pretty low option car per the window sticker. Strange thing was that the rears, with 295's, where AT the fender line - just like the XRR's. I checked for spacers, but there were none. So, do these wheels ship with different offsets??? Even the sales guy was baffled. Honestly, no spacers!

    Any idea? Thanks.

    Re: Strange Wheel Discrepancies At Dealer

    Just to clearify, all these measurements were to the wheel rim and not to any protrudence of the tire sidewall? Secondly were all the wheels you viewed on the same model?

    Re: Strange Wheel Discrepancies At Dealer

    Don't shoot me for this comment, but doesn't the C2S have slightly wider arches at the rear than the C2?

    Or it might be that both the C2 and C2S (997) have slightly wider arches than the 996. In which case I'm confused.

    The only plausible reason would be different offsets.

    Re: Strange Wheel Discrepancies At Dealer

    ResB said:
    Don't shoot me for this comment, but doesn't the C2S have slightly wider arches at the rear than the C2?

    Or it might be that both the C2 and C2S (997) have slightly wider arches than the 996. In which case I'm confused.

    The only plausible reason would be different offsets.

    Wheel arches of C2 and C2S are identical. However, the following rear wheel options are available for one or both of these models ("ET" is the offset in mm):

    10J x 18 ET 58

    11J x 19 ET 67

    9J x 17 ET 50

    10J x 18 ET 65

    9J x 17 ET 55 (maybe only for use with winter tires?)

    Tires baby!

    The wheel offsets are the same regardless of C2/C2S/C4/C4S. Porsche has enough sku's without adding uneccessary complexity.

    The only logical reasons are that different tyre brands have different sidewalls and so look to have different offsets, or that the manufacturing tolerances between rear fenders is sufficient great that it is visible to the naked eye.

    btw. C2 & C2S share common rear fenders. C4 & C4S share common rear fenders. 997 is not 996 in this regard.

    Re: Strange Wheel Discrepancies At Dealer

    Seriously, check this out next time you're at the dealer. My measurement reflects the distance from the tire sidewall and the upper edge of the wheelhousing. Sorry, I did not check tire brand. The XRR and the "S" wheel on the base 3.6 on the lot almost look as though the top fender lip would make contact in the event that the suspension hit the bump stops. I have a set of TechArt Formula's on my Boxster that are also right out on the fenderline, which really helps to improve the stance.

    Re: Strange Wheel Discrepancies At Dealer

    Go with the XRR



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