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    Nail forces switch to winter tyres again

    Or a screw to be more precise, in the left rear. This is the third puncture I've had in 44kmiles!


    Fortunately the rears were on their limit anyway, but I didn't realise how bad they were worn on the inside edge of the tyre until I took them off. Probably a good reminder that you need to check properly, not just go by the outside half you can easily get to!

    As I have a spare set of rims with Michellin Alpin tyres on, and winter is coming up, I thought I'd get some wear out of them. I didn't bother last year as the weather was too mild. Realistically, the only time you benefit hugely is in the first five minutes first thing in the morning when the tyres are still cold or when it has actually snowed.

    On the first long drive with the Alpins on (as compared to the PS2's) I realise why I don't use them that much! They are certainly quieter , but they don't have nearly the same level of grip (understandably) both braking and cornering. Also the sidewall construction is much less rigid, so the handling is much compromised!

    I might put a bit more air in them to see if that helps. I'm just going to have to be extra careful until the spring! Unless it really snows, in which case I'm laughing.

    Re: Nail forces switch to winter tyres again

    I swich to winters every year, but my climate is harsher than yours. Is your second set the same size tire, because mine are 17's for the winter and 18's for the summer? I find the difference in size makes a noticable ride difference, much softer with the 17's but grip is better when the temperature is around freezing compared to my PS2's for the summer. I generally run my tires 2 -3 pounds above the recommended pressure. Fronts are 33 psi and rears are 39 psi for both sets.Smiley
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    Re: Nail forces switch to winter tyres again

    Both sets are 18"s. I'll up the pressure a bit and see what happens! Temperature is still up to about 12c during the day, though it has started dropping to around -4c overnight recently, with the colder months yet to come.


    Re: Nail forces switch to winter tyres again

    I think you will find more even tire wear even though you may give up a little grip.
    Porsche Crazed - Boxster 987 Speed Yellow/Black

    Re: Nail forces switch to winter tyres again

    wtsnet and others - I'm not in a 987 (yet), but I am trying a brand new Michelin winter tire, the Alpin PA3, this year.   Full pics on a thread I started in the Other Sports forum, but so far I am very impressed.... much stiffer sidewalls than most winters, even I think than the older Alpins (we used them on our M Coupe for the first 3 years when it was winter-driven) and excellent grip in -2 to -10C conditions, including as of yesterday some ice and light snow covered roads.  Handling and in particular turn-in response is the most immediate I have ever experienced in a full M+S rated tire. 

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    Re: Nail forces switch to winter tyres again

    Thanks for that 4trac Smiley

    I'm not sure I'm going to wear these tyres out in a hurry though. Still got loads of tread left. But good info for the future!



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