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    Re: PSS10 Bilstein - FINALLY

    Porker: is it because of the material itself or purely a commercial agreement?

    Commercial agreement looks likely.Smiley





    3.9  GT2 2011 make over

    Re: PSS10 Bilstein - FINALLY


    After a fair amount of driving (4000 + miles in short order) I must say the Bilstein coil overs are the best investment I have made in the 997.  The car is transformed and much tighter and fluid to drive - never harsh.  The handling is sublime.  Night and Day!  So far I have only had the setting on the shocks set to 5.

    Most interesting is that the momentum from the motor in the rear on initial turn-in is gone!  You will recall that when the 997 first came out many talked about this tendency and there were many causes and cures to this.  Porsche now had the active motor mounts to cope with some of this.  IMHO the PASM was the cause and now that I have replaced the PASM I don't have that sensation at all anymore. 

    Any of you with older 997s might consider ditching the old stock shocks - trust me, you will love your car the next day!

    Cheers to all!



    Re: PSS10 Bilstein - FINALLY

    Thanks for the review,

    I actually cannot remember anyone who wasn´t satisfied after the installation of the Bilstein shocks on the 997.



    Re: PSS10 Bilstein - FINALLY

    I think you guys are listening to a bit of conjecture there re V3.  Im sure you are extremely happy with your "Billies" I had them on my 993 fantastic!

    I now have KW V3s on my legendary 997s.1 -20mm sports chassis and you guys know how good that car feels from factory. Well the KW V3 allows me from the start to get at least the same ride handling and performance as the OEM shocks with the added advantage of reducing the judder on my manboobs (2 clicks down on the rear rebound setting takes the shock just the right amount of time to cancel that) with no side effects at all with regards to lifting or movement on long bends with undulations/bumps etc.

    Potholes and freeway connection lines in the road do not jar the car at all any more. I have standard KW mid setting mid position on the fronts. Heaven!!  and a little quieter too.

    I can also enjoy a more comfortable ride overall, even 10mm lower, with no extra body roll. In fadt i think I'm getting less body roll than OEM.

    And if i feel like getting down and having a boogie i can adjust it up hard for some extreme track stuff.

    As I get older i imagine i can set these puppies to do whatever i need them to do. We must be very careful what we read on these boards. Tire pressure is paramount as well.


    997S -20mm/Chrono/Bose/NavSat 993 CAB/HDs/CGMufflers/CGchip/Eibachs/Strut



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