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    New BMW M5

    These are exclusive spy-shots of the two variants BMW will add to the new 5-series: the M5 power-saloon expected to debut in Paris in October 2004 and the 5-series Touring, due for presentation in spring 2004. The exterior of the M5 will be characterized by huge 19-inch wheels, wider door-sills, chrome-less window frames and an additional air-intake behind the front wheel houses. The front will be dominated by a bigger airdam, strongly reminding of the M3's front, the rear end will feature a clustered skirt and two pairs of exhaust pipes. The new M5's heart will be a 5-litre V10 developing 510 HP...

    Any news about an SMG version of the M5 ?

    That would be a better choice for me so that my wife can drive it. I dont want a standard automatic.

    Re: New BMW M5

    Great engine and further additions to performance. It's a shame the car, in my opinion, looks horrible. Thanks Mr. Bangle.

    Re: New BMW M5

    The design is horrible, I hope the V10 500 HP engine will make up for it. I'm still a little bit cautious about the performance of this car because it gets a normally aspirated engine. BMW usually claims more than they "deliver" (best example: M3), so I wouldn't be surprised to see the new M5 perform worse than the E 55 for example. A crucial factor to performance will be weight. If BMW succeeds keeping the weight in the 1800 kg range or even below, the new M5 will be a winner. If not, well...customers have to decide.

    Re: New BMW M5

    I would also expect the E55 to accelerate quicker, in particular, at speeds of above 200km/h. The reason for that should be the higher level of torque provided by the AMG engine. The key lesson from the strong acceleration times observed for the recent top-tier models of DC (SL55, E55, SL600, etc.) probably is that at above 200km/h torque is of significant importance while max hp is less important, at least until you reach high revs. Do you agree?

    Re: New BMW M5

    new m5

    I really wish

    BMW will correct the design with the M5.

    I don't expect much, even if it is just plain normal looking, I might consider the M5. The spec seem interesting...

    If they price it under the E55 which I think they will, it might be a bargin.



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