Dear all,
I test drove yesterday a 575MM F1, let me tell you, il was only for 10 minutes so coulnd't do much.
The only car which comes close which I drove was a 996 GT2 a few months ago.
Here are my impressions:
Didn't like the F1 gearshift, not as smooth as a manual and not as involving, nice toy though.
Too soft suspensions in normal mode, too violent gear shift in sport mode.
Interior quality just OK, not as bad as the Modena, plenty of leather, but the aircon decive looks really Fiat cheap.
The electric window is sequential on the driver's side but not the passenger side
The car is huge and it feels huge, very large indeed,
Feels haevy too.
Awesome power, 515 bhp, very linear delivery, very easy to drive in town.
The horn sounds absolutely pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The acceleration are not as fierce than in the GT2.
Still amazing though.
And now my biggest disappointment: The noise.
Sounds like, er.. humm, well, not much, until you pass the 4000 rpm mark conclusion, call Tubistyle.
So overall, it is a nice car, I enjoyed the experience but I'll have a 996 Turbo X50, thank you Ferrari, bye bye.
And BTW, I'll get a boxster S with the price difference
Take care,