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    BMW fights back Mercedes

    Seems BMW is responding to MB's move to overpower its limos by doing a Motorsport version of the 7 series with the future M5's engine: a V10 with in excess of 500 hp .
    We are really in horsepower war!

    You can also see one of the latest pics of the 6 series.

    6 series

    The M version should also get the V10. A cab version will be available as well.

    Re: BMW fights back Mercedes

    I am sure that engine is going to be fantastic, BMW is still the best engine manufacturer in the whole world (MCL F1 V12 627bhp ) BUT, I don't think this the kind of engine for the 7 series, a big luxury sedan needs low rpm mammoth torque, not a high revving V10.
    I could be wrong, but I can see this engine in nice mid-engined two seater, not in a 2 tonnes plus car.

    Re: 6 series

    That's right Luigi, can you imagine being smoked in your Modena on the highway by of of these 2.5Ton 500Hp monster
    The HP of these cars is behond real, if this continues, within four or five years we'll be talking about the new AMG SL55 with 650Hp not so long ago this was Hp Formula 1 car numbers.


    Re: 6 series

    I could be smoked on the motorway but a supposedly M7 if I was driving a Modena, at least, I wouldn't have to live with the "oh man, we forgot to add a boot to the final design!" looks.
    Those new BMWs really are ugly as hell
    Plus I think the music from the Tubi would satisfy me more than sheer straight line speed.

    Re: 6 series

    talking about high powered limousines... has your merc S600 been delivered yet?


    Re: 6 series

    Well it's not mine, it is my father's.
    And no, still NOT delivered
    Actually I must say this is not MB's fault.
    We ordered the car during the Paris show, and it was supposed to be ready for end of november but what happened is that it was originally ordered black with Designo dark grey interior which comes with grey nubuck and grey wood!!!
    Now, I thought it looked nice and so did my father but he recently changed his mind, made a lot of mess to get the same specs but with normal brown wood this time (which I think will look weird but hey, it's his choice) so MB has had to remove the car from factory and send it to their tayloring department to remove the grey wood and install normal wood
    Ah, well, the joy of esclusivity, so bottom line is, still no S600 but we've been told anytime between now and end of january.
    Will definitly post some pics as I've asked Santa a digital camera this year

    Re: 6 series

    Check ot the cover of Autocar mag (UK) with the new BMW X3 concept, looks ok from the side but more of that ugly flame surfacing on the front.
    I'ver got used to the Z4 though, front and side are ok but rear still ugly.

    Re: 6 series

    Based on my actual experience, 500hp in a 2000kg car (SL55) are not enough to "smoke" a Modena

    Although claimed in various strange articles, predominantly in the German press, I cannot confirm the discussed straight-line performance of those new Mercedes monsters. RC/CR's 996tt vs. SL55 comparison cannot confirm it either. I.e. no need to worry for the time being


    ...sorry to disappoint you but this is only a computer enhanced image published in a german car magazine.
    Look at the current 760i...they even had to raise power to 445 HP to be able to sell this thing.

    My BMW dealer just told me last week that he awaits a V10 with 500 HP on the new M5. This car will have a new SMG generation shift system but also some additional weight.
    As far as he knows, there won't be a manual transmission available anymore on the M5.

    Re: 6 series

    In reply to:
    Based on my actual experience, 500hp in a 2000kg car (SL55) are not enough to "smoke" a Modena

    I agree J, in Monza I slowly passed an SL55 on the straight, after purposefully waiting to floor the throttle at the same time the guy in the SL did.
    I previously thought that, on a straight line it would've been quicker than my 360.

    Christian: so you think that no M7 will ever be made?
    I'm eagerly waiting for the next M5, as I firmly believe it will be a really astonishing machine.



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