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    Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Hi, I found this board through some links, and decided to join. Hope I'm welcome!

    Now to the question....My dad is deciding to get his first sports car and have been deciding between the Maserati 4200GT or the 996 C4S. Which one would you guys pick?

    I would tell him to get the turbo but he thinks it'll be too much for him.

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Not a very tough question at all.

    Maserati or Porsche ?

    There shouldn't be a question. Of course Porsche. The explaination is too long just push your Dad towards Porsche and believe me he won't regret .

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Porsche indeed

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Welcome Mike,
    Here's why in few words:
    -Better handling
    -better quality
    -better steering
    -better performance (overall, despite less power)
    -better residuals
    The Maser is a car with a temper, can be hard to master, but come people like that. It sounds great (but so does the PSE) it's more original.

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    If your father wants a sportscar..then the C4S...if he wants to pose...then the 4200GT.

    Really this is no comparison...not even close.

    If he does go with the Masser...haggle like the should be able to get 20k+ off....

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    The engine in the Maser sounds wonderful and pulls like a train to the redline. The Cambiacorsa gearbox is crap! Handling is inconsistent - body flex seems to be present even in the coupe - which makes cornering at highish speeds "interesting".

    C4S feels as solid as a rock. Handling feels very predictable, and PSM will take care of your lack of driving skils if you screw it up. Try one with PSE and you will not bother with the stereo.

    I wouldn't swap mine...except for a TT...

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Hello, my wife and I own a US spec Mas coupe cambiocorsa. Thought I'd contribute to the thread, as I feel the Porsche chauvinists are being a bit hard on the poor Maserati!

    To my eye, the Maserati is a luxury GT, and the C4S leans more towards the sports car. I find the Maserati's interior more elegant than that of the C4S, but that sort of observation is perhaps so subjective as to be useless. The engine note, with our tubi, is fantastic, and the engine is quite strong. With the good Maserati warranty, I am not worried about problems; through 2,000 miles, we have had none. I have found the Maserati's smallish trunk quite useful, and I assume the rear seats in the Maserati would be somewhat less impractical than those in the C4S. In our area, the car is quite rare, a bit of a novelty. We receive many compliments and very much enjoy the car.

    The negatives? Depreciation has been atrocious - this also could be something of a positive for a buyer, as one can get IMO a tremendous deal (compared to original MSRP) on a low mileage used car. Though it's not "crap," the F1 gearbox truly is an acquired taste, and one must learn to shift it relatively smoothly; my wife simply drives the car in its automatic mode. It's a new car - reliability is an open question. The handling is "sporty" as opposed to sportscar. I find the center console video screen thing distracting and annoying. I would not hesitate to take a C4S to the track and flog it mercilessly; I probably would not take our Maserati.

    I think that, if you seek a sportscar driving experience, you should choose the Porsche. I suspect that explains much of the reaction you have received in this thread. If you are looking more at the Mercedes/Jaguar families, then the Maserati may present an alternative. I think the Quattroporte is a beautifully drawn car, and would consider buying one when we need or want that type of large sedan. I reach for the Maserati keys as often as I reach for any others.

    Cheers, Will

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Is your father more the type of a rational thinking guy or more the "feelings" type of guy? The C4S is a fine sports car, it is fun and it looks great. The Maserati is more stylish, it has an italian heart and the V8 is a different story.
    Maybe he should testdrive both and make his own decision.

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Thanks for the reply everybody!

    I too think the C4S is sportier. The Maserati, although rare, is more of a grand tourer more then a sports car.

    I read a lot that the sport exhaust sounds incredible, so it turns out the PSE is a must then. Another question would you get the X51 option? Is the money well spent for that extra 25hp?

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    It makes the car sportier but in the high rev band.
    Apparently, you feel the difference only past 6000 rpms, great for the track.
    Also, 100 to 200 kmh takes longer than normal which makes sense because, although the power figure increases, the torque doesn't.
    Your choice, but for what it is it's a lot of money IMO.
    But then,
    C4S plus PSE plus X51 plus X74 (20 mm sportier suspension), you have a fantastic car! Very very track friendly

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    I done 10 000 kms with a 996 C2 3.6l 320 HP and 6000 with Maserati 4200 GT Camborocorsa. You know my opinion but i repeat for the others.

    Acceleration : For me is the same. Maybe the Maserati is quicker at low rpms but it's quite the same.

    Motor : The V8 of the Maserati is splendid. The sounds is fantastic. VERY VERY impressive and beautiful. I never use the radio in Board !
    The flat is too shy but i haven't sport exhaust option.

    Gearbox : 6 speed manual of the porsche was fantastic but cambiocorsa is amazing. Fast, it made double clutch it self and it is sansational.

    Brake : Porsche is the best in this domain but maserati have good brake too. Very endurant (fanch traduit pour moi ), nothing to compare with bmw M3 for example.

    On drive :
    The problem of the 996 C2 is the not totaly remove PSM and no LSD. I have the chance to choose one with no PSM but the drive is more funny with the 4200 GT.
    The Porsche is more agile in entry (rear motor) but he didn't turn like the 4200 with accelerator.

    Fiability : I didn't make lot of kms with this cars but i want to say something :
    I had two problems with the 996 (Daschboard) and no one with the 4200. The finition, the 'joins' around the window was not perfect and the commodo is cheap in the 996.
    The finition are almost parfect in the Maserati.

    In Conclusion : Both car are fabulous, but the sensation to drive is better in the 4200. I don't know the time at the nurburing or others, but drive the Maserati is something emotive. 996 is perfect but too shy in my opignion.

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    fanch, will, ml

    i read your comments with great interest as i am considering a quattroporte for my wife. my main concerns were partly addressed:
    - depreciation is huge on 4200, i expect 4door to be similar?
    - Car magazine and fanch described body flex and inability of maser to get power to the ground?
    - reliability. i am worried 4door will be less reliable than S600 or XJR [the other alternatives]

    i would appreciate your further advice and comments. RC if you think i am too far off topic? my email is thank you for your help

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Watt, although I did write some comments, I must admit I have never driven the Maser, so take it with a grain of salt.
    ML911 owns one so he can help you a lot more.
    However, the press is not my only source, my other source is my friend who works for Ferrari France who said himself that the Maser Spyder bends like rubber!
    If you are in Paris on the 3rd of December, I can get you an invitation for the VIP presentation of the Quattroporte, ML911 too if you want.
    It will be at the Caroussel du Louvre, Montezemolo, Todt, etc, they will all be there to answer questions.
    Something else my friend from Ferrari told me, after a VIP presentation, potentiel clients of the 612 Scaglietti have expressed serious criticism to the fact that the interior looks and feel very cheap despite good materials, and mostly to the fact that there is no big screen GPS (As opposed to the Bentley, etc.)
    Inside talk indicates that the factory has a whole stock of Becker units and they want to get rid of it before they introduce a proper GPS in the 612 in a year ot two (You can actually see a panel of plastic below the Becker unit which is currently of no use)
    How Cheap and disappointing!!!

    Re: Maserati 4200GT or C4S??

    Inside talk indicates that the factory has a whole stock of Becker units and they want to get rid of it before they introduce a proper GPS in the 612 in a year ot two (You can actually see a panel of plastic below the Becker unit which is currently of no use)
    How Cheap and disappointing!!!


    Perhaps Ferrari is now run by accountants. Only the accounting department would think this was a good idea.

    While yet running Audi, Ferdinand Piech said something like, "One can tell health in our industry by observing who is at the head of each company. All of the forward thinking, successful auto companies are run by engineers. Accountants run the companies in trouble. Those at death's door are run by lawyers." Turned out to be wry insight at the time.

    Maybe Ferrari is not in very good financial shape if they are acting this way?



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