Couple of pics in the sport car board.
Car is impressive visually, but not what I would call beautiful. Looks like a race car lost on the open roads.
Although in black which was this one's case, it's almost discreet.
The noise is also quite discreet, shame for a 560hp V8...
Maybe something can be done with the exhaust.
It is extremely fast and very torquey! The paddle shift gearbox has been improved and although still not as good as a proper F1 gearbox, it doesn't really matter because the car has so much torque.
Big problem on that car are the brakes, they do not support the huge weight of the machine and are no match for its power, shame.
It is electronically limited to 320 khm, when its owner picked it up in Alfertabach, the engineers told him that, although, in the press release, they claime it's because of the tires, etc etc., the real reason is that they couldn't make faster (because it actually is!!! ) than the SLR.
In short, great car, too expensive for what it is IMO (I think it's something like 350,000 Euros) but with only 100 made worldwide, it's already a classic.