Hi Everyone, I was referred to this forum via a neighbor of my father's. Thought I'd drop by and post this exhaust in case any of you are interested.

Porsche Turbo Cargraphic Exhaust (super sound) for sale. One of the best sounding and highest HP producing exhausts you can buy. My Turbo with just filter, chip, and exhaust put out 455rwhp and 505rwtq. It is ready to ship.

Here are some pix... notice, the Cargraphic exhaust has heat shields as well as the center cross-over pipe.

*** $2850 shipped ***

Email me at: southloop1@sbcglobal.net

Here are some clips of what it sounds like... not on my car, but LSM and I had the same exhaust.


'01 Turbo Ti Upsolute
455rwhp, 505rwtq