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    Oil Pan Sealant Compound

    Long story not so short.

    Went to change my oil & filter this morning and discovered the oil drain plug 8 mm hex plug was rounded and the 8 mm hex tool would just spin around. Evidently my Porsche dealer service shop over torque the drain plug and ruined it when they were searching for an oil leak early this year. I certainly don't plan to let them touch my car again.

    So now I need to remove the pan (13 M6 X 20 torx screws) and remove the drain plug w/ either an easy out or drill it so it falls apart. I can do this while it's on the car but I think it's better dealing w/ the drain plug while the pan is removed. I don't want to get any aluminum chips from the drain plug drilling inside the motor. It's should be a pretty simple task.

    No gasket is required but a sealant compound is specified (Porsche #000 043 204 73). I suspect it's just a prema-seal type of sealant (aluminum to aluminum high temperature) but I want to be sure. Does anybody know the details on this Porsche sealant compound or a suggestion on which type I should use?

    Thanks for any suggestions or help.

    Re: Oil Pan Sealant Compound

    I think you're thinking way too much on this simple matter. Simply drill through the center of the stripped allen and slowly drain away the aluminum shavings from the drilling. Then remove the entire drain plug. There is no real reason for any sort of sealant on that plug. They just don't leak there,--unless WAY over torqued and then it is distorted. If you'll drilling that out, I wouldn't be worried about aluminum chips working their way into the engine. As the oil is draining, it will sweep it away with the oil as it drains. Just do this after a little driving,--to warm it up a bit (not too much is needed with these light oils).


    Re: Oil Pan Sealant Compound

    I'd do it in place like so:

    Use dremel tool to surgically grind BIG slot for 3/8 socket flat head screwdriver bit. Face shield and PATIENCE necessary.

    NOTE: 3/8 socket large flat slotted screwdriver is _ONE_ PIECE and blade is LARGE (not a screwdriver bit pressed into a socket base)

    Use small bottle jack to firmly hold ratchet into newly (possibly irregularly) ground slot so it grips and won't twist out.

    Remove plug.


    Socket looks like this but instead of chunk of square metal it has a flat head screwdriver blade. Width of blade equals width of socket base. If you can't find it at Sears, make your own from what's shown below and bench grinder (though blade will be less wide it will probably still work, use 1/2 drive to grind a wider blade).

    P.S. I don't think easy outs or screw extractors work very reliably in aluminum alloys.




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