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    997 speedster

    I've always loved the speedster models, lower, two seats only, wide body, great cabs!
    Auto Express this week wrote that there will be a 997 speedster, I know the press is more and more full of sh... regarding the 997 (they also wrote that the 997 range will be a strict two seater bc the Cayenne offer five! Ignorant Morons!) but nonetheless, the idea is great.
    RC, anyone, heard anything?

    Re: 997 speedster

    this speedster rumour is around for quite some time, i even expected it to appear as a 996. i you ask me, we'll see a 997 speedster for sure -- but probably at the end of the model cycle.

    btw, i don't like the 964 speedster. kind of a 80's yuppie thing. and look is too quasimodo-esque for my taste

    Re: 997 speedster

    zzboba, you hurt my feelings for my 94 Polar Silver 94 Speedster was only one of 4 of that color built for the US. To me the lines were classic (second only to the original Speedster, of course). However it was a limited use car with the hand operated unlined top. I can only hope that if there is a 997 Speedster it has lines as clean as the 94... Check out the link.

    Don's 94 Speedster

    Re: 997 speedster

    Ah yes don, it pleases my eyes to see that Speedster again!!! The last time i saw the pics it was on flat-6(i was e-man), and i think i complimented you on the car that time too!

    Again, its very VERY beautiful....i love speedsters, and i really hope they make a Speedster 997. from the look of the spy pics of the coupe and convertible, they could just very well make one of the nicest speedsters ever if they built one.

    Re: 997 speedster

    that one pic of the custom 993 speedster they have is GORGEOUS, that car should have been made!

    Re: 997 speedster


    please let me explain why i don't like the speedster that much. it isn't really the looks. your car looks good without question. and i like the sharply inclined windshield.

    in my eyes though, the speedster was nothing more than a less usable convertible without the back seats and with the unlined top (as you mentioned it). so where's the point?

    ok, it's called "speedster" which is a special name for a porsche. but is it worth it? was it THE new "speedster"?

    porsche really knows how to sell cars at the end of a model cycle for a premium. some heritage, rumours about limitation... voilà -- they did it with the speedster twice and they did it this year with the GT3 RS (which i bought so take my opinion with a grain of salt )

    cheers; zz

    Re: 997 speedster

    zz, certainly no offense taken. I agree that Porsche lost the original marketing concept with the 89 Speedster because that really was just a Cab w/o back seats and a different name. The 94 was a little closer to the original concept with less amenities such as cloth door pulls and a lighter weight. I put a chip in mine along with Fabspeed mufflers so with the top down it sounded great and gave the impression of a faster car. It's amazing that the 89s are actually more valuable than the 94s. Porsche thought the 94s would sell like the 89s, but they misjudged the market, and didn't sell very many. If only they had beefed up the motor (the 993 motor would have been nice with the lighter weight), I think they would have sold more.

    It was a very limited use car and with the top up and the plastic backlight it was difficult to see out the back.

    If they do make another Speedster, I hope it doesn't look like the ugly "speedster" option on the Boxster.

    Re: 997 speedster


    I love your car and have thought of having one like it.

    But I wish it had been "truer" to the original idea of what a speedster was: a stripped down production model, lighter and more purposeful. The '94 wasn't really, other than the lower windshield. I wish it had been a cab without the "hump" but really stripped of weight and given an added 25 hp and sport suspension.

    Still, probably the coolest '94 cab. And to be honest, I wish you car was in my garage right now.

    But then my wine collection would be out in the sleet!!!!


    Re: 997 speedster

    not mine, but this speedster is bad ass with a 3.8 and many tweeks.

    Re: 997 speedster

    That is one bada*s looking Speedster!



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