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    I've only seen 8:17 for 2002 C2...


    Anyways, 4 seconds around that track is virtually insignificant, unless that's a consitent gap after many laps, 8+ minutes is a long time...

    perhaps we can at least agree that the c4s is at least as

    quick on the 'ring with increased adhesion in poor weather and no off throttle understeer. to me this seems like a great advantage--especially in a car i depend on for transportation every day!

    I do think wet handling on the NS would favour the AWD.

    Also, I think a lot of it has to do with setup. The WRX and EVO are both AWD and they can slide around pretty good on the NS when set up properly.



    Re: FixedWing's thoughts on Resale

    I like the way you (FixedWing) think about this. I just bought an '02 turbo last summer-- but if I just wanted performance I could have bought a slightly older model and tuned it to a much higher level of performance for less money. I think this is the way to go for people who are only interested in the performance aspect of owning a Porsche.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    Brakes and track are biggest advantage for C4S, not AWD

    C4S has wider track, stiffer suspension and bigger brakes, that I think help more than AWD...

    Re: Brakes and track are biggest advantage for C4S, not AWD

    The gains provided by stiffer suspension, bigger brakes ,bigger wheels and wider track of the C4S actually offset the disadvantage of having AWD (purely on a lap time basis).
    We are talking of best times taken by professional drivers on the Ring: in this case having all wheel drive will make the lap time slightly slower.
    If we talk about amateur drivers it's the other way around.
    Ignacio: I agree that for fast all weather pace a C4S is hard to beat, I owned a 993 4S and loved it for two years and more than 30000 kms...

    The C4 S used by SPORT AUTO for this test

    ...had substantially more power than it should have had.
    Same performance as a GT3...with 40 HP less and 300 kg more weight. Any more questions?

    And yes...if someone wants the fastest normally aspirated engine...the 996 C2 with 345 HP powerkit and 30 mm sport suspension is the way to go. This little baby is very fast.
    So instead of spending more money on the C4S, going for a C2 with powerkit and 30 mm sport suspension is a very wise decision.

    except in the rain!

    A couple thoughts

    I DO like the flexibility that Porsche offers. Some of the option prices may seem expensive but I would rather have an expensive option than no option.

    There IS a rear wiper delete option... I have it. I also have the sunroof delete. If they offered it, I would have also done the rear seat delete, I had to do it afterwards. I would also like to see options for no A/C, although I would still have gotten it in this car. Also, Mich Pilot Cup Tire option would be nice. Maybe a spare tire delete option as well, like the GT2.

    The dealer council shout be DESTROYED! Let the US buyers decide what they want, not some greedy dealers that care more about sales than life long Porsche customers.

    Chris, have you gotten to ride in a X51/X74? I am still waiting on 1 part for my X74, and am anxious to see or hear what it is like.

    I did some quick test the other day and was able to clock a 4.901 second 0-60 on my new G-Force Competition Meter. The car is definitely capable of 4.7 or 4.8 with a good launch and warm tires.

    Re: X51/X74

    I have one. This is my first 996 though, so apart from test drives of other 996's I have little to compare with. I'm sure you won't regret the X74 though - makes the M030 feel very soft...


    How is it in terms of comfort?
    I am sure you're ok but what about your wife, girlfriend or any passenger really?
    This is my concern as I also do tourism with my gilrfriend.
    How is it in terms of ride height, is it a major pain? fpr example, peed bumps, parking, etc?
    Thanks for your replies,

    Re: X74

    The ride is harsh - no question about it. But not too much and as you expected this is the way I want it .

    I've only had the car for about two months so there hasn't been too many rides with passengers. Apart from my wife (who at least hasn't complained ) the only people that I've had in the passenger seat are GT3 and RS owners, and no complaints there...

    We won't do any family vacations in the car (a one & two year old prevents that effectively ). I have it purely for my own pleasure...

    The ride height is barely OK, it's better than the GT3, mostly due to the different front spoilers (no aerokit on my car). That said, speed bumps can be a challange, I have a few near my home which I cannot pass, instead I have to take the longer route home (to bad )

    It's difficult to give any other advice than try to find a car and try for yourself.


    Sorry guys

    I had to close this long thread to avoid confusion among readers. Please feel free to open up a new thread regarding similar issues. Thanks for your understanding.



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