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    997/998 enhancement requests

    I know my voice alone won't do much to influence Porsche's strategies, but I met the head of Porsche GB Brand Communications and Strategy this weekend and he seemed very open to suggestions from all 997 owners.

    So I wanted to compile a wish list of all suggestions (sensible or otherwise) that I could send him. Worse thing that could happen would be that he could say no, or even "yes, Porsche are already working on that". I know some of you are actually invited to customer clinics where Porsche do this type of thing, but for those of us that are not quite so fortunate I thought this might be a good thread to air our collective opinions.

    Here's the start of my wish list:

  • Sports Chrono Clock should either be optional or part of PCM on all 911s
  • Sports Exhaust specifically for Turbo (the titanium one from the GT2 would be nice)
  • Sports suspension specifically for Turbo (not that I would get this, just to silence those that say the Turbo doesn't handle well on its limits)
  • Port for iPod
  • Bluetooth
  • Launch control as standard
  • PDK (to replace Tiptronic)
  • A flashing warning light when to change gears like on the GT3
  • Direct Injection (more fuel economy + 4-6% extra power)
  • A specific mute button on the PCM (for those that don't have the MF steering wheel)
  • The sports button activated from the MF steering wheel so you don't have to reach down to activate when you want a bit more boost.
  • Longer warrantees here in Europe (only 2 years here compared to US 4 - but would require making European standards changes for all car manufactures apparently)
  • Updateable Sat Nav on PCM with new roads and also speed cameras
  • Sat Nav option that tells you ON YOUR ROUTE where a Shell petrol station is within range
  • Sat Nav that has an acceleration meter in it like many other do now (I know GPS is not hugely accurate, but fun all the same) plus a G-Meter
  • Head up display when in sports mode

    I will keep thinking as these are just off the top of my head for starters. Please feel free to add to the list...

    (note: I am trying not to list things that would add TOO much extra weight)

  • Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    You have my suggestions covered

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    More specifically:

    2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    ooo, just thought of a BIG one:

  • A better designed key

  • Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    elimination of the stupid "one-touch up" delay of the passenger window

    wheel lugs that have a real finish on them that won't rust

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    Better looking sport steering wheel, not something that looks like it came out of a Mini or VW.

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    I agree with sports exhaust & suspension.

    I would also vote for Bluetooth & automatic headlights.

    Some may think these have no place in a sports car, but there are three things I love never having to think about in my Audi: Headlights, windshield wipers, and cell phone. Nothing to focus on but the driving.

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    Satellite Radio

    Rear "Turbo" badge that is exclusive to Porsche, not shared with the VW beetle (also, read WTF!)

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    Problem at Porsche is the people who engineer/design the cars probably want to kill the people who market them.

    Anyway here goes my 2x4-swinging critique:

    Nav system is an abomination: fix it. Yeah it's "ok" but it stinks for when the driver is driving. Yeah, you're supposed to pull over to fiddle with it but who does?

    No more functionless BS poser trim (quads, 19s, SC etc).

    Get rid of trendy pointy tailights. Get rid of trendy slanted body panel line under taillights.

    Quit designing wheels which are "screwy;" TT and Lobster wheels still seem odd, and hard to get used to.

    Get rid of wart on dash: end it!

    Eliminate useless messy button-age on center console: looks like a frickin' cop car! Nice leather and everything but nothing beautiful about the PCM.

    Speaking of leather: waaaaay too much stitching: we get it, yes..., it's leather..., okay..., enough with the stitching..., Geez!

    Cheap stock sun visors make my passengers laugh when I point them out! End those Kia-inspired visors on a us$100k car.

    Seat belt warning chime should STFU after ONE minute.

    Put a frickin spare in the car; add five more HP to the engine if you want. If someone dislikes the extra weight (3% of guys who buy) they can remove the spare themselves!

    Take care of that ridiculous Speedometer: do something interesting with it.

    Guages? REmove all the "twos" all the incremental lines between the numerals. Just like the old days. 997/998 is supposed to resemble the classic 911 right? THERE'S a painless way to accomplish that.

    LESSEN THE BIZZY INTERIOR! Too many materials, panels, lines, textures, trims, grilles, shapes, interruptions, in the interior, It only looks "simple and functional" when the interior is black, for God's sake.

    Want More?

    I gotta truck load. Tell ya what Porsche, pay my way out (first class seat, hotel, call girl) and I'll criticize the cr*p outta the cars. If it's NOT informative and entertaining I'll be happy to reimburse all funds.

    This was fun! I have a hangover; last night was wild. Sorry if this sounds bitchy and ragged; remember it's just a hobby.

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    Great suggestions above!

    Here's more:
    -Front and Rear view Camera and Display on PCM for parking
    -Touch screen navigation/interface PCM
    -No more cheap plastics used in the interior (rear console and trim)! At least use higher end materials if not leather!
    -Door should have a better and more solid sound when closing

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    chuckd said:
    Great suggestions above!

    -Door should have a better and more solid sound when closing


    I gave up on this one for any car.

    My 04 M3 door goes "Ka-chunk" when shutting it, almost the crappiest door sound I ever experienced.

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    Actually, I find the door closure thunk much improved on the 997 Turbo compared to my previous 996 C4S.

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    - make the damn car lighter! Use aluminium! Doors, lids, fenders and other body panels could be a start! Even optional.
    - Delphi's magnetic ride instead of PASM!!!
    - optional proper LSD
    - DSG

    And gizmos:
    - adaptive headlights
    - bluetooth
    - night vision

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests


    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    Less weight, less weight, less weight-Alu doors off the GT3/Turbo, composite rear lid, PCCB and some light seats etc should get a C2S down to 996 levels to the benefit of handling/brakes/acceleration Nordschleife times etc.
    Sort the key-go back to 996 if necessary but so that it doesn't pop the hood everytime you put it in your pocket.
    Sort the rattles. Even my 996 didn't rattle as much as the 997.
    X51 as standard. If the 997s motor can do 381PS without modifications to the bottom end then lets have all of it not some of it. As standard.
    Back to 996 steering feel. I know not everyone agrees but even though the 997S is precise it lacks the last grains of feel compared to 2WD 996's.
    Make PCM simpler to use when driving. Buttons are too small/fiddly on a bumpy road.
    LSD with PASM on C2/C2S as an option. If you can do it on a GT3 why not on a C2S. Lots of us want C2S usability with some of the fun of a GT3.
    Oh and whilst they are at it separate temperature for a passenger. When I am carrying my other half she's always complaining about the temperature!

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    call me crazy.... ACC Adaptive cruise control (love that thing on my other car!).

    997/998 GT3 potential options...

    997/998 GT3 potential options...

    A few options for Mr Andreas Preuninger to consider for the next GT3...

    GT3 options:
    * PDK dual-clutch gearbox
    * GT3 power upgrade (e.g. 3.8 litre version of GT1 block with 438bhp at 115bhp/litre + possible direct injection)
    * GT3 Cup style competition mesh grills to protect front radiators
    * Button to raise front axle to increase front ground clearance (below 20mph)
    * PASM non-active mode, with 3 fixed settings
    * GT3 engine start button
    * Alcantara dashboard

    GT3 Club Sport options:
    * PASM delete option
    * Single-mass flywheel
    * Sunroof delete option (for the US market)
    * Carbon fibre roof panel, doors and rear lid
    * Bucket seats in leather/alcantara
    * Sport mode as default setting
    * Full integrated roll-cage
    * Race-spec brake pads
    * Shorter gear ratios
    * 18 inch GT3 Cup alloys

    GT3 Comfort options:
    * Rear seat option
    * 4-wheel drive option (997 GT4)
    * Wide-body with red rear reflector strip
    * iPod integrated stereo
    * Full leather/alcantara steering wheel (no Volcano Grey)
    * Minor switchgear quality upgrade
    * GT3 key with programmable remote options
    * Additional TC "monsoon setting"
    * Michelin Pilot Sport road tyres
    * Road-spec front spoiler lip

    Re: 997/998 GT3 potential options...

    ...nice Signature mate!!

    Re: 997/998 enhancement requests

    Non-smoker package as STANDARD
    Steering wheel with audio controls on the rear of it.



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