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    RUF RGT-RS Invitation

    Did anyone here get an invitation from RUF for debuting their new RGT RS at Daytona next week at their dinner party?

    Anyone is going? if so I would like to meet with you there.

    Re: RUF RGT-RS Invitation

    RUF RGT RS Specs

    The RGT RS provides higher level of Performance than our standard RGT primarily through weight reduction. Powered by slightly stronger 395 hp normally aspirated 3.6liter engine, The RGT RS weighs in at just 2890lbs

    We are limiting the production to just 35 RGT RS cars and limited to a choice of 12 IROC colours. The most striking feature is the elegant "Ducktail" which gives our RS clean lines yet striking shape. For more spirited driving as well as track events, Our RS also comes with detachable wing for added downforce.

    Price starting at Euro 145,000,00 Euro.

    Re: RUF RGT-RS Invitation

    Ron, I faxed in my RSVP last night but haven't gotten confirmation back yet.

    Re: RUF RGT-RS Invitation


    sounds interesting. do you have any pictures?

    Re: RUF RGT-RS Pictures

    Re: RUF RGT-RS Invitation


    I'm doing my best to get few days of vacation and find cheap tickets.

    I would love to go specially for the German Beer but if I couldn't make it make sure you take lots of pictures.

    Re: RUF RGT-RS Pictures

    God, I love that Riviera Blue! Seems like a lot of car for the money.

    Have fun!


    Re: RUF RGT-RS Invitation

    Ron (Houston) said:
    I'm doing my best to get few days of vacation and find cheap tickets.

    Ah, the advantages of being unemployed and within driving distance.

    I would love to go specially for the German Beer but if I couldn't make it make sure you take lots of pictures.

    As sacrilegious as it may sound I'm not too fond of beer. It may just be due to what we call beer in the US though so I'll sample some fine German liquid craftsmanship in your honor. As for pictures, I'll take all they'll allow.

    Re: RUF RGT-RS Invitation

    Looks totally awesome! Do you have then in a bigger resulution?


    Re: RUF RGT-RS Invitation

    Sorry I don't.

    Re: RUF RGT-RS Pictures

    thanks for the pictures ron!!

    i really like this ruf -- this '73 RS style ducktail wing is quite nice. but the twin exhaust pipes don't really seem to fit into the opening...

    could be a good inspiration for porsche regarding the 997 GT3 RS (if there'll ever be one...)



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