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    Frankfurt Show

    I spent three days at the Show, and was impressed with the Porsche presence there. There were at least 16 different models on display on the new stand, with several more cars in the various press and Exclusive lounges. There is absolutely no doubt that Porsche is very strong financially, and is offering an astonishing array of cars.

    The featured new cars were the GT2, Turbo Cab, Cayenne GTS, and Cayenne Hybrid in concept. The GT2 was red, the Turbo Cabs were red and brown metallic, the GTS was red and the Hybrid was silver with clear panels to demonstrate the developing technology. All the other cars were mostly silver, with a black Cayman (Porsche Design edition) thrown in. There was a Spyder LMP2 car and a Cayenne Transyberia (black and orange) car as well.

    The GT2 is one purposeful looking machine. I particularly liked the rear side panel and wing design, which made the normal TT design look dated and too simple by comparison. The rear rims are massive, and the car overall looks virtually track ready. In the Porsche promo film, Rohrl did the Nurburgring in 7:32.

    I thought the GTS looked terrific with the sport design package, the CTT front, and the Alcantera interior. I still prefer the CTT, but the GTS is quite attractive. The GTS was just beside a CTT without the sport design kit and the CTT looked plain in comparison. I also closely examined a black metallic/chestnut CTT in the Exclusive lounge, and it was fantastic with its black rims, black and chestnut interior options, and sport design kit.

    There are no significant new Exclusive options in the next few months, except possibly that seat belts will be offered in a few new colors. Nevertheless, the options now available are pretty impressive. The black/chestnut car was just fabulous.

    I also spent considerable time at Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Mercedes. I honestly thought the Scuderia was not exciting, but the 599 (in a wonderful light grey) was stunning. The Maserati GTS (I think that is the name) is a brilliant design, but the 1.4 million Lamborghini is way too stealth fighter like for my taste. The new Aston Martin DBS is beautiful, but from the appearance of the display (very small and poorly staffed) I am not at all confident the cars or the company will survive.

    The Mercedes press conference and presentation was more theatrical and spectacular than ever--sort of an over the top Cirque de Soleil with Deiter Zetche and his moustache thrown in. Mercedes is quite dedicated to hybrid and other environmentally compatible technologies, and displayed a number of concept cars and new ideas. I had the good fortune to be sitting next to Zetche, Roger Penske, Lewis Hamilton and other notables, but it was matter of chance, not connections or inside influence.

    I will post more news and pictures soon...

    Re: Frankfurt Show

    Nice update! I really look forward to your pictures. Thanks!

    Red GT2 at Frankfurt

    Red GT2 at Frankfurt. A mean machine...

    Re: Red GT2 at Frankfurt

    Rear section and wing. Makes TT look dated, I think.

    Cayenne Hybrid at Frankfurt

    Porsche is working hard on this, and is proud that its technology separates the engine from the storage battery and cooling mechanism (shown here)in the rear.

    Re: Cayenne Hybrid at Frankfurt

    "Rear section and wing. Makes TT look dated." Dated is the one who gets passed!

    Re: Red GT2 at Frankfurt

    GT2's rear gills in the rear are ugly.

    Re: Red GT2 at Frankfurt

    Think the GT2 rear is ugly? How about this? It's a stealth bomber--oops, it's the rear of the new Lambo (and you can have it for only 1 million euro)!

    Re: Red GT2 at Frankfurt

    Wonderbar said:
    Think the GT2 rear is ugly? How about this? It's a stealth bomber--oops, it's the rear of the new Lambo (and you can have it for only 1 million euro)!

    It's a stealth fighter

    I must of missed it or they just didn't have one but was a GT3RS on display or not? I got distracted by one of the nice models then a big bright red GT2...

    Re: Red GT2 at Frankfurt

    I don't remember a GT3RS on the stand, but it was featured in the film on the large screen above the floor. There was a Cayenne Transyberria (sp.?) there on Wednesday, in orange and black.

    Thursday was a bit crazy, as the crowds at Porsche were huge, and Chancellor Anna Merkel made a brief walk through visit.

    As you saw, Porsche had some 16 cars at least on display. An impressive show of success, as also punctuated by their expected revenues of 7.2 billion euros this year. One can say what they will (and they are certainly entitled to) about Weidiking's diversified models approach, but he is fabulously successful at the moment.

    Compared to the three models on display at Ferrari, the two at Lamborghini, and the two or three at Aston Martin, Porsche sure made an impressive statement. Has Porsche lost its focus? Maybe, if one wishes for 911s and pure big time racing success. But if one admires a sports car manufacturer which offers by far the broadest range of products, and does it with financial success and talented management, Porsche is way out front.

    Re: Red GT2 at Frankfurt

    Hello guys !

    Is it possible that 997 gt2's are already at dealers??? , I was shocked when today I quickly visited our dealer just to see what cars where parked outside....I saw a 997 gt3 inside the showroom in white colour, then I started to have a little talk with the security guard, he told me they have a 997 gt2 inside in their subterranean garage.....I asked twice if it was the NEW gt2, and he said yes!!, I know this guy from other days, and he knows us, so well may be its true!??....Is it possible so soooon????

    Re: Red GT2 at Frankfurt

    i already saw two 997 GT2 on the German & Italian roads a few days ago (came back home today!).



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