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    Ringing in the ears?

    Had a bit of a long haul in the car for the first time in a while - 6 hours cruising at motorway speeds. Over the last year I've noticed that I've been getting a persistent 'ringing' in my left ear (tinnitus). I'd worried that it might be down to the car, which does have a bit of a 'whine' at certain rpm. Today it's much more noticeable.

    Does anyone else get this? Is there a fix for excessive whining? (From car, not from GF )

    This can't go on, so will have to change/fix the car. Tough choice! What should I do?

    Re: Ringing in the ears?

    Hi Wtsnet

    I have had it for about 10 years now and my ear quack said for me to make friends with it will only stop when i am dead!

    Didn't get it from cars or motorbikes but from working underground very close to jack hammers for 5 years plus a lot of shooting in the army.

    It comes and goes and if i concentrate i can hear it but if i ignore it it tends to go away. They say that background music helps to reduce it but what could be more musical than a Porsche engine howling in your ear??

    I ALWAYS wear earplugs when i ride my bike or when in loud zones!

    Good luck

    Re: Ringing in the ears?

    Etymotic makes earplugs for musicians which reduce road or wind noise, etc by 20db. I bought a couple sets for $20 each and plan to use them when traveling on long trips, especially with the top down when my new boxster comes in October They still allow natural sound to reach your ear just at a safer level. Great Stuff and highly recommend them.

    Re: Ringing in the ears?

    Yep, plugs sound ( ) Like a good idea.

    Coffee, alcohol, and stress

    All make it worse. So if you drink coffee during the day to keep you going in your stressful job (that you need to pay for the Porker) and use alcohol at night to unwind, you will likely find the ringing is louder.

    As an afterthought check your tyres for wear as they seem to "ring" when they wear down.

    Re: Coffee, alcohol, and stress

    Will check the tyre theory when I change the fronts. They have 32k on them and are just below 4mm.
    Also will get ear checked out properly to make sure it's nothing trivial like wax! Thanks for the advice though.
    Coffee and alcohol are minimal. Lack of sleep and long commutes though...

    Re: Coffee, alcohol, and stress

    Cotton wool is worth a try, then some of those travel ear plugs from Boots - about 99p for 2



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