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    HELP! Phone SIM card drawer broken. Repair Pounds1,300.

    That's right, Pounds1,300 or $2,600 USD.

    The drawer on our CTT has a broken catch and won't click back in, so the phone is u/s. The dealer has to replace the entire PCM unit just to replace the tiny clip worth a penny.

    The rub is that they won't resolve it under the warranty as it's an electrical item rather than mechanical, which makes the Porsche warranty a bit useless really. I'd dispute that it's electrical but that might well be a discussion to have in court. Porsche deny that it's a regular problem so won't even make a goodwill payment, but interestingly the same thing happened on my 997.

    Has anyone else had the same problem?

    Re: HELP! Phone SIM card drawer broken. Repair Pounds1,

    They've been fighting cases with the PCM for donkey's years. Its true, the extended warranty won't touch anything PCM related while the 2 years factory was fine.

    I'm not as au fair with the cayenne's PCM to the 911/987 cariant but where does the sim card go? You see, there are reports of owners getting replacement parts directly from Becker for the 996 ( and swapping out the faulty unit.

    Also, i have heard that the 911/987 PCM also has another sim module within the telephone control unit too. If you know where the telephone CU is located, it might make swapping sims a right pain in the back side, but it will work.

    Typical rip off Britain TBH.


    Re: HELP! Phone SIM card drawer broken. Repair Pounds1,

    You could try contacting someone at or the manufacturer direct at Harman-Becker

    Re: HELP! Phone SIM card drawer broken. Repair Pounds1,


    I've recently bought a 2003 Cayenne Turbo and I've got the same problem. I have been in touch with my local dealer (Cardiff, Wales) who informs me Porsche has just released a memo with a fix for this problem, he quoted me about Pounds150 to fix.

    Get in touch with your dealer. I'll let you know if I get mine done in the next few weeks.

    Re: HELP! Phone SIM card drawer broken. Repair Pounds1,

    Ah that sounds useful. Is there any other info on this memo??

    My dealer in Sheffield tried Porsche for a goodwill contribution which they apparently might do if it's a common problem. Of course they declined on the grounds of the cars age ('03 reg), though they are quite happy to take our nine hundred quid for the extended warranty on everything else.

    Both my CTT and my 997 have had the same failure but the 997 was fixed under its factory warranty. I'm actually prepared to take them to court over this one as it appears to be not as uncommon as they would like me to think.

    Re: HELP! Phone SIM card drawer broken. Repair Pounds1,300.

    I have a PCM2 unit for sale, the lcd is faulty, everythingelse is working fine inc the telephone.



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