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    X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    My friend whant to know if the max boost bar for a X50 turbo is 0,9 like a normal turbo or is 1,0 bar...or more...


    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    Hi Dario,
    that's what I read,
    Turbo: 0.8 bar
    X50: 0.9 bar
    GT2: 1 bar

    Re: Thanks (nt)


    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    What I've heard regarding some of the "entry level" mods for chip upgrade (prehaps with air filter upgrade also) can result
    for something like 1.2 - 1.5bar boost. Am wondering that this
    is not going to blow up the engine since I see nothing rework
    within the engine, or if this is still under the accpetable range?

    Thank you.

    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    mrh, where have you seen anyone running 1.4 or 1.5 bar on a 996tt motor? I am running 1.3 bar, but I am also running an adaptive boost controller. It has two buttons for two boosts. I use 1.1 and 1.3. They can be engauged at any time. I wouldn't want to be running 1.3 all the time. Longevity would not be very good.

    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    I also don't believe entry level mods include stock turbo's running 1.2 or more bar boost.

    Re: EVO stage 4

    My stage 4 runs 1.1-1.2

    Re: EVO stage 4

    Thanks guys!! Then I guess the one who told me about the boost is somewhat bullsh*ting....I think these numbers could perhaps the "peak" boost. So, I will get back to the board and have your advises once I have the detail info. from the dealer. Good day!!

    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    yesterday on my car i maked the 1500 km...and now i can push hard

    i tried to look at the turbo pressure on a "normal" road not autobahnn,but the boost max is 0,6 possible this or is better that i make a good test on a autobahnn for let the car run all rpm in all gear???

    p.s. The Turbo is the BEST!!!!!!!

    0.6 bar?

    Dario, the boost gauge isn't very precise but it is a good indicator. If your gauge shows max. 0.6 bar only, there is something wrong. It should show at least 0.7 bar, 0.8 bar is even more common. Don't look at the gauge only during hard acceleration at high rev. Usually, the max. boost figure appears at lower rev in lower gears. It should show more than 0.6 bar at certain situations. Try again and pay attention very carefully!

    1.2 to 1.5 bar boost? Ouch.

    Chip tuned Turbos (no other mods) shouldn't have more than 1.0 bar boost. This isn't healthy at all. I never saw a chip tuned Turbo with 1.2-1.5 bar boost, this would be crazy.

    Usually, Tuners don't exceed 1.2 bar to avoid problems with engine reliability. The Turbos I "know", usually have around 540-570 HP and run a max. boost pressure of around 1.1-1.2 bar with modified K16 turbo chargers and/or K24.

    Boost pressure isn't always everything.

    Re: 0.6 bar?

    thanks Chris..

    my gauge shows 0,6 in third gear in hard acceleration...

    maybe this afternoon i make a test in second gear at low first gear is difficult to look the too fast...


    Re:, is all ok..

    I've make the test...

    In third gear low rpm....boost max 0,7 bar
    In fourth,fifth,sixth gear boost max 0,8 bar

    But working boost is 0,6 bar...0,7/0,8 is like the overboost if you are in high gear and low rpm...

    now i think all is ok....


    Re: 1.2 to 1.5 bar boost? Ouch.

    The chip is called "SuperChips" and which I think is from an UK company. However, I can't find anything specific for 996TT (but for 944 only) on its Web site. And again, the tuner still claims that the peak boost could be something like the 1.5bar and maintain around 1.1 - 1.2bar most of the time after the mod. Well, I agree with you RC, and I also don't feel comfortable by doing this kind of mod. which leaves uncertainties...So, RC., any advise for making the chip level mod.? What about either the Gemballa, or TechArt? And what is the boost ratio for both? BTW, mine is '01 model w/Tip. Thank you and good day!!

    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    cjv, I saw your TT's "heart" and which is amazing...
    So I assume you have done a lot of engine parts' upgrade to maintain the 1.3bar boost with reliability. I am here with no chance to run that fast (the only one I had was 280km/h for only 10 or 15 seconds, and that was in a new and just operate highway, not any more..... ) The good news is that I was told that a F1 class racing court might gets ready to operate by the end of 2004 here....Cheers!!

    Tip and power upgrades

    Now here we have a little problem: the Tip's black box is actually using information from the motronic to control gear changes, etc. If the motronic re-programming isn't done right, you can damage the Tip.
    If you're looking for chip tuning only, around 50 HP are possible by raising the boost pressure to aprox. 1.0 bar.

    DO NOT fall for cheap offers or offers from unknown Porsche Tuners. Go for quality paid a lot of money for your Turbo. RS-Tuning is my favorite regarding engine tuning but there are other companies like Techart and Gemballa for example who offer some interesting solutions too.
    Some local US or UK Porsche Tuners do a good job too but I can't give you any recommendations (ask around and be always very suspicious about what people and especially Tuners tell you). What sounds to good to be true, usually isn't true.

    Re: Tip and power upgrades

    RC is correct. I have seen tips chipped with no real performance gain. There is more to it than just changing fuel/air grids, boost and timing.

    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???


    I described under "cjv's Power Turbo-Technical Pictures" on this board some of the internal modifications. I am not sure where on Taiwan you got up to those speeds. I guess the roads have improved since the time I attended Fu Ren Da University.

    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    I guess the Univ. you've mentioned is located at HsinChung close to Taipei, correct? Actually there is still another alternative to run that speed and which is the 2nd south highway (also new and in even better road condition), unfortunately, its a kind of too far for me to get to that highway (I leave in HsinChu and which is to be considerred as north of Taiwan). My TT's record was in the 2nd north highway, and which is from ChuNan to HoLong. I was there for fun on the day after the openning!! I hope you were having fun while you were here. Good day!!

    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???


    You are correct. I had a great time while I was there. I am sure the whole country has changed since then. I particularly enjoyed the National Arts Palace. I know I am spelling it wrong but a place on the other side of the island, you had to take a long winding road which was along the coast. You looked over the edge and it was a straight drop into the ocean. Tarooco Gourge (sp).

    Re: X50 0,9 bar or 1,0???

    Can't guess this one....Looks it should be locating on the coast and not in the north of the island. Hopefully you can tell me the city of the place. And I might be able to find you some more info. to flash your memory!! Good day!!



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